Magnificent Moshi

There’s a new Moshi location in town and it’s bigger and better than before with more seating including some comfy new chairs, a sushi bar that you can eat at and it even comes equipped with it’s own restrooms.IMG_8283The same bright orange color scheme is still there as well as an addition of a mirrored wall and a place to hang your personalized lock. Nawwww cute! ❤IMG_8322Rahul & Khushboo have been hard at work to bring Dubai a new Summer menu just in time for Ramadan. The new menu is below.IMG_8286We tried almost everything off the menu. Highlights for me included the volcano roll (a tempura prawn on top of an avocado base) zaatar labneh maki roll (self explanatory), the edamame & mushroom momos and last but not least the current food trend the sushi burger! A crispy coated chicken patty inside two rice buns with lettuce and a creamy sauce sprinkled in sesame seeds.

Dislikes: The use of too much chilli kind of kills the taste of everything else. Especially when the sushi comes laying in a zig zag of chilli sauce. It’s the first thing that hits your mouth and if your not too fond of chilli then this can ruin your experience. If you are not tolerant to chilli I’d suggest making them know whether you order a take away or dine in as they can customize it to your taste as everything is made fresh in house.IMG_8305IMG_8308Also the hot dog maki I was not a fan of but that’s just personal taste.IMG_8316Moshi to date is still experimenting with unique ingredients and flavors and ways to stay ahead of the pack. It keeps their customers coming back for more.IMG_8285The lotus shake (pictured above) is perfect for that sweet ending with a crunchy twist!

So what are you waiting for? Get down to a Moshi branch near you and try the new Summer menu! #SipDipRoll

Location: Shop 5-6 Oud Metha Building, Oud Metha

Phone: 04 2759056

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Taking a bite at Mantoushe, JLT

I was invited for a tasting session at Mantoushe in JLT. Mantoushe is like Zaatar with Zeit but a lot tastier. The name Mantoushe was derived from the word Natshe meaning to take a real bite.

Mantoushe takes up a nice corner space behind Armada 3 building with glass windows showing off the views of JLT. During my visit of about an hour, only two people dined in, the phone however was ringing off the hook with delivery orders.

The menu consists of manoushe, wraps, salads, sides, drinks and of course desserts. Whilst deciding what to order I caught glimpse of a high hung chalk board with special menu items. I mentioned it to the lady taking my order who informed me the board is old and that item was no longer available. Damn, as I love S’mores and would of been interesting to try it in a wrap form.

That then made up our minds when it came to ordering. We opted for a base of pre made wraps steaky p but on a multigrain bread wrap and the southbaked crisp wrap with some added avocado slices as well as a side of sweet potato fries and two freshly squeezed juices. I opted for a pomegranate watermelon and orange juice while my friend had strawberry & banana.


The orders arrived incorrect. But they happily re-made them. The brown steak wrap was good but I wasn’t a fan of hummus on a wrap. The wrap served was a little dry too and could of been fresher. The steak on the other hand is slow cooked and you can tell. It was beautifully tender. This is one of their best sellers.


The chicken was my favorite, baked crispy chicken pieces in what looked like corn flake coating with diced tomato, lettuce and cheese although it was light on the sauce, I made sure to ask for extra on the side so it gave it an extra buffalo kick. Again, the bread was a little flaky but this was made up for with the flavors.


The salad was nice but only thinly sliced halloumi arrived. I would of liked halloumi chunks instead. My friend was weary about strawberries in a salad but I enjoy fruits in salad as it adds balance especially against the acidity of the balsamic vinegar.


The sweet potato fries were AMAZING. So crispy, well seasoned, perfectly cooked. Super addictive. I could eat these by the truck load.


Unfortunately there is only one branch so far in Dubai. Luckily for me, it’s not too far away so I can enjoy the freshness that is Mantoushe more often.

Location: Concourse Level, Behind Armada 3, Cluster P, JLT

Phone Number: 04 277 8170

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24 hours in Singapore

I touch down after a 7 and a bit hour flight from Sydney and I pass swiftly through immigration. When I say swiftly I was through there in no longer than 5 minutes. That’s a first in any country I’ve ever been to! I’m already impressed with Singapore as I make my way to cab line, making sure not to get into a premium taxi or limo by mistake. I’ve heard Singapore is an expensive city so I’m trying to save money where I can.

My taxi driver is knowledgeable having grown up here. He know’s exactly where I’m headed. As we drive away from the airport I am gobsmacked by how green and luscious the streets are, a stark contrast to the sandy roads back home in Dubai.

After reaching my friends condo and dumping my suitcase I get changed and we head straight out for some food. We take a short walk and we arrive at Lau pa sat hawker center which just so happens to be the largest and oldest hawker centre in Singapore! For those who don’t know what a Hawker Centre is basically a food market containing numerous different types of stalls offering a range of cuisines all for a reasonable price.


It’s a Victorian style building which houses this food market and every where you look there is something cooking, wok’s sizzling, steam rising and it’s in this precise moment, jet lagged or not, I feel like I am indeed in Singapore.

I pace around look at all the varieties. How does one choose. With umpteen noodles, rices dishes, dumplings, poultry and seafood it makes it nearly impossible. We settle on carrot cake A.K.A Chai tow kway, soursap for drinks (which has immense health properties), Hainanese steamed chicken and rice served with buk choy and chicken broth (which I decided on as there was a queue full of locals so it must be good right?), cheung fun stuffed with prawns and some boiled dumplings. Cheap, delicious and very satisfying.

After our tummies are full we head to Marina Bay Sands for a nightcap at CÉ LA VI SkyBar. The view will leave you speechless. It’s also super scary being that high up if you’re scared of heights like I am but it’s definitely not to be missed. You might even be lucky enough to catch the light show.IMG_1033A cocktail on the rooftop averages around the 25 Singaporean dollar mark. Whilst a standard nip & mixer still around 20 Singapore dollars.IMG_1032We managed to get into the VIP lounge so I could snap a quick photo of that famous infinite pool which only the hotel guests have the pleasure of using.IMG_1051The following morning we went for breakfast at Wild Honey in Scott’s Square. The menu sounded super appealing and even though it was fully booked when we tried to call, they were able to seat us as a walk-in around 10am on a weekend. We even managed to nab an outdoor table.

A spicy citrus juice, roast almond latte, flinders lane breakfast with a side of candied bacon set me back a whopping 50 Singapore dollars including tip & service charge. It was a delicious breakfast but the portion size defeated me.

Wanting to do some site seeing in my short time remaining we grabbed a taxi to Gardens by the Bay Unfortunately due to the weather the OCBC skyway was closed when we arrived. Probably a good thing for me considering I’m a wuss when it comes to heights. Inside we find a restaurant inside one of the futuristic super trees which you can pay entry for and also enjoy a beverage whilst taking in the 360 views. The outdoor balcony was shut for a little while so we drank our tea inside.


However once it was open we were both eager to go outside on the balcony. Again, the nerves kicked in as what instills more fear in me than heights itself is a floor beneath my feet which I can see through. It was like a metal grate which did not seem safe to me at all but I’m sure it was.

Even on a gloomy overcast day the unrestricted views from the rooftop viewing platform are magnificent. I’m sure on clearer days you could see the surrounding islands.


IMG_1086IMG_1087We head downstairs and buy tickets for the cloud forest dome. It’s a magical place. An indoor forest of exotic plants and waterfalls.

After exploring the cloud forest we start to venture back towards my friends place with a pit stop along the way for lunch. We end up in the food court at Marina Bay Sands where I search for a soup, something to try cure my throat which by this stage is starting to close over. I stumble across a place serving a Beef noodle soup for about 9 Singapore dollars.

IMG_1234Right behind us we see another food shop and were mesmerized as we watched a chef making handmade noodles.

Part of me wish I got to see this first as I definitely would of eaten from his shop. However for a first timer these food courts can be overwhelming as there is so much variety to choose from, you could spend all day just deciding.

I do recommend doing your research before travelling as Singapore can be quite an expensive city depending on a) how long your there for b) what you want to do and c) where you want to eat.

I only got a taste of what Singapore has to offer and there is so much more to see, eat and do, that next time I’ll definitely be staying longer than 24 hours.

Eat well, travel well.

Nossy x




The Counter grand opening in Dubai Mall

The Counter originated in the US with it’s first store opening in L.A and is very popular among the stars, with Mila Kunis eating there 3 times a week during her pregnancy. The Counter was made popular by not only the giant counter in it’s flagship store but also the ability to be able to customize your burger as you like. An idea that Jeff Weinstein created from being a frustrated customer.


With one store already opened at JBR, the grand opening of the Dubai Mall branch was on Monday 7th December 2015. Along with it, foodies, bloggers and media were all invited for a live demonstration and introduction by none other than Jeff Weinstein himself, Owner and chef of The Counter. The co-host was none other than Kris Fade from Virgin Radio.


The store was set up with rows of chairs and we were given sample refreshments of various shakes ranging from fruity (orange smoothie with coconut and mango) to the most delicious of the lot – Apple Crumble, which was like a dessert in a drink. Highly recommended.

I was selected from the crowd by Kris Fade to get up in front of everyone to create my own burger with Jeff Weinstein. I told Jeff what I wanted and he customised my burger and then Kris challenged me to take a bite of it in front of everyone. Being a fellow Aussie, I couldn’t back down on the challenge. It was even posted live on his snap chat.


After some more burger creating and tastings we were then asked to take a seat in the restaurant booths so we could select our meals. Each person is given a menu with an option to select ready made burgers or to create your own. If you decide to create your own you may be there for a little while as there is extensive choices, for first timers, this may be a little overwhelming but the friendly staff are on hand to guide you through.

Our table of 4 opted for a side of chicken wings to start. They were a little smaller in size but had a sweet but spicy dipping sauce on the side.


We had also ordered some fries to accompany our burgers which came out first as the burgers were a little more complex with everyone customising their own. The fries we tried included the parmesan french fries (my personal favorite, crunchy, cheesy and addictive), sweet potato fries, Sriracha fries and chilli fries. I enjoyed them all so much I couldn’t stop eating them. Until I realized I still had a shake and a mammoth burger to get through…

You can also customize your own drinks! I ordered a milk shake as my drink consisting of Nutella and pretzel which resulted in a salty chocolate shake with a nice crunchy texture under a heavy dollop of whipped cream. Absolute heaven.


My burger was the first to arrive on our table. I opted for the single chicken breast on a brioche bun with sliced avocado, crispy onion strings, grilled pineapple, coleslaw, tomato, brie cheese, with hickory bbq sauce and roasted garlic aioli which comes served on the side instead of on the burger which prevents the burger from becoming soggy. A pet hate of mine at other burger joints.


All of the burgers at Counter are made with ingredients sourced from the US with the beef being hormone and antibiotic free and the chicken used is 100% natural chicken breasts. They also provide vegetarian options. You don’t have to have your burger on a bun either. The carb conscious can opt to have it served in a bowl.

As a special surprise to the guests (unfortunately not available to the public) Jeff created a special dessert for us all. It was a Krispy Kreme Donut sliced in half to act like a burger bun, chocolate mousse filling to look like a meat patty, strawberries to look like tomato slices and banana slices to imitate cheese. Very cute, clever and delicious at the same time.


The counter gives you thousands of combination options so you’ll never get bored of eating the same thing. So if you haven’t tried them yet, what are you waiting for? 🙂

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