Carnival by Tresind – The best value business lunch in Dubai! 

Looking for a superb Business Lunch deal in DIFC? Then head over to Carnival by Tresind.
For just 99AED ++ you get a 12 course set menu which is such great value. FYI, this price does not include your drinks.

On my most recent trip to CBT, I took my brother who was in town visiting. We were the first people to arrive for the lunch sitting but a few tables filled up after we had started eating. 

I adore the copper interior details along with bursts of bright colors and a dizzying black and white flooring. This time there were dream catchers hanging in the trees near our table. As we were being seated i noticed a small Cath Kidston style floral back pack on our table which contained our cutlery, serviette and water glass. 

The bread they serve is a small bun with grated cheese and a slither of truffle, freshly baked as you could see the cheese still melting.

The small plates almost arrived altogether which was not a bad thing as we were quite hungry. 

Out of the 6 they served 3 were vegetarian, a yuzu masala taco, peanut butter & jelly paneer, quirky & clever but not my cup of tea and game of corns, a corn curd cutlet with a goji berry chutney topped with a dot of kewpie mayo, surrounded by actual popcorn. The 3 non veg dishes included meat-a-licious grilled Australian lamp chops with a masala sauce, just slider – two chicken seekh kebeb sliders with jalapenos and caramelized onions served on an uber cute lego set made to look like McDonalds! I love the creativity and tongue-in-cheek approach as well as pulliinji; South Indian style ginger prawns, made crunchy due to caramelized palm sugar and topped with a crisp curry leaf.

Between small and large plates came a frozen passionfruit and basil seed sorbet so good, that I could of eaten a large portion for dessert and been content with my lunch for the day.

However the mains aka large plates were yet to arrive. 😞 Luckily there were only 4 of them. But not only do they serve up 4 mains, they also come with carbs. Rice, bread, you name it, there was lots of it.

Out of the chickpea curry, a simmering steamed in a bag seabass, a sweet on the palate butter chicken and a dum aloo, the fish and the potatoes dishes stood out for us. The fish was impressive as it wasn’t overcooked at all therefore the texture was perfect and the dum aloo as the flavoring was so addictive without being overly spicy.

I hate to say it but we didn’t eat all the mains. We just had the one serving which the waiter gave us and of course I tried some of the naan and stuck our forks back into the dum aloo. 

Once the mains were cleared away out came the dessert! Two of them, relatively small looking to our approval. Milk & cookies which consisted of a mawa (vanilla) cake, burnt banana with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and tiny heart biscuits. But the winner of the two was the tropical fruit cornetto’s layered with mango and pineapple sorbet and topped with coconut whipped cream. A heavenly combination.

​The service was fantastic as usual and I can’t recommend this experience enough. My brother who was visiting was particularly impressed. What I love about CBT is that they change the menu every season and add new and exciting dishes. Not to mention the uber hip ambiance due to the house music mix being played in the background. 

What’s the best value business lunch deal you’ve been to in Dubai?

Leave your comments below. 

For bookings call: 04 457 3732

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24 Karat magic in the airrrrrrr….

I don’t know about you but I can’t help but sing Bruno Mars 24K every time I hear the restaurant name 24 Karat. This newly opened Italian fine dining restaurant headed up but none other than Chef Glady (which many of you may remember from Per Te) calls the Marriott Al Jaddaf it’s home. Replacing a Japanese restaurant which never eventuated, the kitchen was changed, as was the decor to give this spacious restaurant, the midas touch.


The gold theme touches everything from the cutlery to your plate or even into your glass. Their menu’s are on iPads and offers a video preview of almost every dish hence it does take a little while to go through the entire menu. Luckily the attentive staff are on hand to give you some suggestions. I’m sat on a wide, plush, subtly golden chair which is so comfortable it doesn’t feel like I should be eating on it, rather be watching TV in someone’s living room.


For starters we ordered the 24 Karat burrata; served with 3 way cherry tomatoes, poached, cherry and sun dried, drizzled with basil dressing and creamy balsamic truffle flavored gold flakes! Two of my favorite foods together, what’s not to love?


As well as the seared scallops with creamy saffron, exquisitely made squid ink crackers, shimeji mushrooms and a cauliflower puree. Perfectly cooked and presented.


Not to mention the beef carpaccio; thinly sliced rare beef garnished with pears, pistachio, circles of parmesan cheese, sprinkles of black Hawaiin salt and slices of fresh truffle. Each ingredient playing a key part to balance out this dish.


Whilst we wait a slate board of freshly baked chilli and garlic crisp bread arrive made in house. It’s decorated with stracciatella cheese and olive oil with fresh sprigs of herbs.


Chef Glady also bought us a sample of the Japanese wagyu. A grade 9 marbled steak cut into slices and served upon a bed of truffle mash. The steak melts at 29 degrees and your mouth is generally around 34 degrees. So this piece of meat literally does melt in your mouth. If you wanted to order this in the restaurant be prepared to cough up 790 dirhams for a 350gram serving. However the quality of the meat is that good, it’s worth every dirham.


For mains we tried the paccheri Lobster and Crab pasta and the slow cooked and braised veal ossobucco milanese, the latter atop of a brightly colored saffron risotto.


The pasta was cooked very al dente. The large tubed pasta shells engulf the Canadan losbter pieces in the crab sauce that each bite is seafood heaven.


Last but never least order the golden bomb and tiramisu for dessert. The golden bomb is the highlight for sure. A chocolate sphere surrounded by a an edible forest; a nest of woven sugar which is drowned in hot white chocolate sauce until it melts leaving a mix of chocolate and berries on a bed of crumbled chocolate brownie. Just wow!


Before leaving we take a tour of the restaurant which has 3 private dining areas, a huge al fresco dining terrace with views of the Burj Khalifa in the distance. They plan to install an outdoor pizza oven too. My mouth is already watering.

At the moment the restaurant does not have their alcohol license but that could change in the future. They do however have a quite a range of soft beverages including Dubai cola, (a cola drink mixed with dates and honey which is very sweet) and lots of fancy non alcoholic wines with plenty of sparkles inside.

The Tiramisu

24 Karat fits perfectly into the Dubai brand with gold flakes and truffle ringing through their menu. However it’s the quality of their ingredients and the way they wow their customers with attention to detail which is why this Italian restaurant is set for success.

It’s not just in the presentation but with the execution of each dish. The passion for food really shines through. You’ll be hard pressed trying to find a dish that isn’t delicious or “grammable“.

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Have you tried Zengo’s revamped pan-asian menu?

Make no mistake, Zengo is located in Le Royal Meridien and not Meridien Mina Seyahi. Also note, there is a separate parking area for direct access to Zengo. Don’t put the car in valet unless you wish to take a short stroll through the hotel grounds to find it.


Zengo is probably the biggest Pan Asian restaurant I’ve stepped foot in. Spread out over an indoor and outside dining area with separate bars, 3 of them to be exact. One end houses the sushi bar and grill whilst the middle is a long bar with opposite being the resident DJ who mixes house tunes all evening.


The furnishings are sleek and detailed with the overall ambiance inviting. The outdoor bar is impressive although the yellow lighting over the outdoor dining table which overlooks the beach, sounds great but it reality wasn’t great for photos so we chose to sit inside at a semi circle booth.


The food menu is one single page covering Thai, Chinese and Japanese cuisine which is a new directive created by Chinese Chef Lieu back in September.

The raw dishes are executed and presented beautifully. The fresh seafood tasted divine. I can highly recommend trying the Suzuki aka the seabass sashimi.



The dumplings I found to be quite average. Not a lot of flavor at all. I’ve tasted better dumplings at Din Tai Fung. The duck pancakes was a strange combination of flavors and textures, not a dish I’d order again.


I wasn’t fond of the  grilled seafood, as it wasn’t juicy, perhaps a little overcooked as it was powdery in texture.


The popular main dish is the coconut chicken and I can see why, char grilled sliced pieces of juicy chicken on a bed of coconut sauce with a generous garnishing of green herbs. Delish!


Our waitress Madina was like our best friend. Chatting away and answering all of our questions without hesitation and also feeding back our thoughts to the chef.


The drink list is extensive and impressive. I immensely enjoyed the Italian wine. I could of easily knocked back a bottle to myself.


Ladies Night @ Zengo 7-12pm every Tuesday 3 free drinks and 50% off food

The restaurant was quiet when we dined on a Wednesday night. My guess it would be hard to fill considering the size. I’ve been told the Ladies Night gets quite busy though so it’s best to make a reservation.

Next time I visit I’ll definitely re-order the Thai food and the raw fish.

Call for reservations 043995555

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A nostalgic trip with Chef Pradeep @ Jodhpur

A taxi trip drops us at Al Murooj Rotana, perhaps in the wrong spot, as we find ourselves walking through a car park, down some stairs, then through an outdoor garden setting before finally reaching Jodhpur. Flustered, we enter the premises and have time to cool down and start to relax as we walk down the spiral staircase to our table.
The interiors are lavish although possibly a little out dated, however the service we received from start to finish made us feel like royalty.
We were lucky enough to try 14 dishes from the menu and you can tell every dish was made with passion. The chaat macaron was such an incredible amuse-bouche touching on each of the five taste sensations and every dish following came with a story.
This fruit cocktail we were served had hints of aniseed which I’m not a huge fan of but it sure does look pretty.
I couldn’t choose my favorite from the 3 starters as they are all different and unique in their own way. Though being a carnivore and a sucker for tamarind sauce the short beef rib does lead the way.
The unique laban & ricotta kabab
There’s a decent break between each dish until you reach the mains which is when the portion sizes defeat us. Between two, we are already struggling. We jumped up to watch how the chef’s prepare the chicken & chestnut kulcha (pictured above).
This is when our dining experience was briefly interrupted by famous Dubai Vlogger Mo who looks like he might of been lost and rolled through the restaurant with his entourage.
This mango, cranberry and kaffir lime sorbet palette cleanser was the perfect size and served in miniature pressure cookers, cute!
The mains arrive and we are flabbergasted by how much food there is. The faux dal makhni substituted with moong dal was too hard to resist dipping the chur-chur kulcha in. Loved the mini garlic paos that come skewered on top of the batata vada too.
Not one but 3 desserts came out sometime after we’d managed to make a dent into our main courses. The kesar malai kulfi, comes served as one giant popsicle and garnished with crushed nuts and freeze dried raspberries.
The rasmalai was one of the best I’ve tasted in Dubai and for sure is my favorite Indian dessert. Irresistibly smooth, but also crunchy.
The jalebi’s come hung on a tree and are too many for us to finish despite their light airy texture so the rest are packed away for us to take home.img_0246
Chef Pradeep Khullar has created something unique, with the modern take on his childhood classics, that you too are taken on his nostalgic culinary journey.
Whatever you decide choose at Jodhpur, you won’t be disappointed.

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Totora – Peruvian cuisine in DIFC

There’s an abundance of Peruvian restaurants popping up in Dubai lately. A welcome invite saw myself and a guest have the privilege of dining at the newly opened Totora Cebicheria Peruana which calls Gate 7 in DIFC home.


I’m wowed as soon as I walk in, the floating bridge they’ve created for their entrance makes me feel like I’m deep in the Amazon. Lions and monkeys aside, the well mannered staff greet us on the other side and one kindly escorts us to our table upstairs in the main dining area. The pops of aqua green and cleverly hidden lights add a chic feeling while the music is a mix of Spanish infused house which is heard from the live DJ in the bar/lounge below.


Ronaldo is our server for the evening and passes by with a set menu for the evening. It includes three different types of cebiches. 2 years ago I would of never thought I’d be eating raw fish and here I am, fighting for the last bits of the Tuna cebiche, soaked in a salty but Asian inspired sesame dressing. Although we both agreed the mushroom cebiche is also outstanding and we’d definitely order this dish again.


We are offered a pisco sour, a traditional cocktail of Peru made with you guessed it, Pisco which is a brandy base originating from South America; mixed with egg whites, bitters and citrus juice.




Post starters Ronaldo serves us with another cocktail, this time it’s a Chilcano, which again uses pisco as it’s base but this time has a refreshing sparkling of ginger ale with fresh lime juice and a dash of bitters.


The next round of small bites include a maki roll topped with quinoa and a Peruvian sauce, some beef empanadas de carne as well as some anticuchos which are grilled chicken skewers. For me the sushi and chicken skewers were a little bland and something I would not order next time. I was happy to know that we knew exactly how to eat the empanadas with Ronaldo chirping in as we did. “Ahh you know how to eat them”. Apparently cutting them in half first then squeezing the lime in the center before taking a bite is the correct way. A good guess by us!




Next we rolled onto the mains which included a braised lamb leg perched on top of a bed of Peruvian squash, a quinoa salad with truffle oil, white wine, mushrooms and parmesan and last but not least duck on a bed of risotto style beer flavored rice. Not being a fan of truffle oil, the quinotta was the least favorite for me. Although it’s the most bland of the 3 the lamb was my favorite as it’s a comforting dish of slow cooked fall apart lamb in a warm gravy and whilst the duck meat was also very good I wasn’t a fan of the rice base so overall for me it the duck dish didn’t hit the spot.




The dessert comes later with two on offer – their Clasico Peruano a classic rice pudding with crumbled pieces of chewy fig and a traditional purple corn sorbet. As much as I appreciate the combination of flavors and textures the Tres Leches is right up my alley. A little annoyed I didn’t have time to take a “before” picture as Ronaldo starts pouring the condensed milk straight over the thick but fluffy wedge of cake which then makes the whipped cream peaks slide off the cake making for an “after” photo like the one below.



If I didn’t have a pending vacation I would of gobbled all of the Tres Leches down to myself as my guest preferred the rice pudding. Although I must admit I had troubles putting the spoon down.


As you can see the kitchen has a special eye for attention to detail and if you’re after a lot of fresh ingredients with ample flavor then Totora is for you.

Location: Gate Village 7, DIFC, Dubai

Phone: 04 3999666

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Iftar @ Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor

If your’re a foodie and you’ve never heard of Sanjeev Kapoor then you must of been living under a rock. He’s an Indian chef famously known for his role on Khana Khazana and has multiple cook books up his sleeve.

Unfortunately you won’t find the man himself cooking up a storm in the kitchen however I am reassured by the pleasant staff that all of his recipes and cooking tips and tricks have been passed down to the chefs to provide a signature experience.IMG_8889Firstly I’m here with a bunch, some 20-30 odd foodies to try this Iftar preview.

The ambiance as you enter Signature is sleek and chic complete with personalized crockery, obscure decor and wooden floor boards. As well as the indoor dining area they also have an al fresco dining area complete with a bar and is suitable for smoking shisha.IMG_8901Before the Iftar menu even arrives the table is set with dates, olives, fresh fruits including my fav choc dipped strawberries, baklava as well as salads and cold Arabic mezze.IMG_8872IMG_8873IMG_8875The server asks if we are after veg or non veg and that’s for the starter & main options. Before the starter even arrives, out comes a display of 5 varying chutneys (my favorite being the mango) along with papas and also a stand of pani puri. I’m told rather than pour the liquid inside the crisp shell to firstly crunch the shell then sip the liquid afterwards. Or was it vice versa. I can’t really remember all that I do know is that the flavors are intense and I’m hoping sets the tone for what’s ahead.IMG_8876IMG_8878The non-veg starters arrive and it’s a platter consisting of a juicy saffron scented king prawn, a slice of chicken roulade which has been stuffed with nuts, a grilled fish which has been spiked with sumac and a charcoal roasted lamb chop which melts in your mouth.IMG_8888The starter, so filling in itself, it’s lucky the mains, which is served directly onto your plate, is a controlled portion as don’t forget there’s a dessert tray still to come.

So the mains included a lalla mussa dal, a chicken biryani and a veggie pot which I must of missed along with some very greasy but moreish naan and paratha to soak it all up with. A little anti-climax after the starters being so good.IMG_8905After a slight breather, we are ready to try the desserts which are served as individual portions on a fancy display. There’s a mahalabia, phirnee, chenna angoori as well as malpua and gajar ka halwa. I’m not usually a fan of Indian desserts as I find them too sweet on my palette, however the mahalabia was quite enjoyable.IMG_8909The Iftar is priced at 149dhs per person and the restaurant opens from 7 til midnight. The service can be quite slow therefore you can break your fast at your table and then sit back, relax and enjoy shisha in the terrace until your heart desires.

A special shout out goes to Deepti for the invite and hosting such a great evening!

For reservations call 04 386 8111

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Tremendous Tresind

Having opened it’s doors back in October 2014, Tresind has got a name for itself. Ranked 4.9/5 on Zomato UAE it’s not hard to see why this fine dining Indian restaurant sits above all the rest.

The word “Tresind” is a breakdown of French “Tres Bien” meaning very good as well as an abbreviation of Indian. Although no short cuts are taken when it comes to impressing their guests.

Tresind is on the 2nd floor of the stunning Nasima Royal Hotel and the restaurant is classified as fine dining. We have an early reservation which sees only ourselves and a few others occupying tables at the time. However this increases as the night goes on.

Over the next 3 hours we embark on a exploration of senses through Tresind’s Summer menu.

The plush leather high back seats are extremely comfortable. You know you’re in a fine dining restaurant when there is a full white linen table cloths. The background music matches the formal ambiance.IMG_6770The welcome scroll from the co-founder including a personalized note was such a touching gesture. I’ve never experienced such 5 star service before.IMG_6773When I saw the way the deconstructed pani puri shot was made with a solution of sodium algenate, I knew we were in for a great evening. The creativeness of Chef Himanshu Saini had already started to shine through as well as the attention to detail.

We enjoyed some fruity beverages during the evening. The ice berry blast was presented in a box like a treasure chest and another was a bubbling science project in a yard glass. Unfortunately I didn’t have the best lighting for the drink photos.IMG_6789This unusual looking salad served like a pot plant had stiff cos leaves poked into a bombay kachumber cream, with an olive crumble and crispy shards of ciabatta. Tasty!IMG_6797The chicken tikka carpaccio came resting on cling film, when pierced the smell of applewood smoke came wafting from underneath. I loved the sweetness against the acidic tamarind sauce brought out by the pomegranate seeds and lychees. A recommended dish.IMG_6798The tandoori style lamb chop served with a rosemary reduction and ghee roast potato was so soft that I bet it was cooked in a sous vide. Superb!IMG_6802This chicken, garlic, parsley and black pepper dish was so flavorful and served in a giant pestle. Don’t let the color of the dish put your off as it’s so tasty you’ll be begging for more.IMG_6806I got excited every time the trolley is wheeled to my table, as I wondered what type of masterpiece I will get to visually then literally get to sink my teeth into. This time it’s a 5oz blackmore wagyu which is cooked perfectly to my specification but I ask to have the extra fat removed. It’s sliced in front of us and placed on a bed of sauteed veg and served with a variation of Indian pickles, each with their own varying flavor.IMG_6811The sea bass recheado is also prepared at the table with the finishing touches as per the image below. Served in a very  cute and quirky way.IMG_6815The modernist chaat trolley is like a work of art. The waiter improvises his way around the trolley making an effortless masterpiece which I did not want to eat because it looked so damn pretty but at the same time I’m glad I did as there was such a flavor explosion in my mouth that I’ve been craving this ever since.IMG_6819The Australian lamb shank was my favorite dish of the evening served as a lamb biriyani. The chunks of meat just fell off the bone and the portion size is very large so would be the perfect dish for sharing.IMG_6826The channa bhatura is a Moroccan style chickpea dish cooked in an authentic tajine. The garnishes bring the dish to life with additional color and flavor.IMG_6828The first of three desserts to arrive was an icy pop made from tender coconut payasam, lavender honey and lemon sorbet.IMG_6832The daulat ki chaat was by far my favorite dish served with sohn papdi crumble and sprinkled with an edible 24 carat gold dust and decorated with rose petals.IMG_6833Unlike Farzi Cafe, I felt the service at Tresind was at a much more relaxed pace and I didn’t feel rushed. In fact we dined there for around 3 hours. Akash our server was ever so helpful in explaining everything to us and making sure we had a pleasant dining experience.

As the evening concludes I am content but also sad that this whole experience has come to an end. But the good news is there is loads of deals on to keep you and me going back again.

Tresind offers lunch deals
An exclusive 4-course lunch menu, perfect for those quick corporate lunches, starting from AED 145, Sunday to Thursday, every week.

This Ramadan Tresind is offering the following deal:
Enjoy the choicest selection of biryanis, curries, tajines and traditional Arabian inspired delicacies, with the unique Tresind twist for Iftar and Suhoor during the holy month of Ramadan. Priced at AED 200

option 3

They also have a new branch of restaurant opening called Carnival by Tresind due to open in DIFC this July. Watch this space.

For reservations, call 043080440 OR 0564209754.

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Dinner @ Royal China, DIFC

Yet another London export which calls Dubai home is the Asian restaurant named Royal China. I’ve dined twice at this DIFC location before with both times being for the Friday brunch. The first time I went I was super impressed and the time after I was left scratching my head as to how the service could differ so greatly.IMG_6632An invite saw me return back to Royal China but this time for dinner where myself and my guest got to sample their a la carte menu and hopefully give them a chance to redeem themselves (service wise) as I had no complaints with the food quality previously. I’ve been told their head chef is from Shanghai so looking forward to some authentic tasting dishes.

First thing I noticed as we were seated in our red velour seats were the overly scratched dining tables. I also noticed from my first visit back in Jan 2015 that the furniture looked like it hadn’t been updated since then. Maybe some new tables or even table clothes would look nicer for their guests.IMG_6603The giant red lanterns overhead are striking as is the see through bar with the multiple wine racks. I know Dubai hasn’t caught up with the no-smoking indoors but at one stage during our evening I got a big whiff of cigarette smoke. Unavoidable but a non-smoking dining area would also be welcome.IMG_6631One of the multiple waiters for the evening went over the menu/s to give us some suggestions on what to eat. We started with some drinks and I tried the recommended Red Dragon mocktail (a fruity mix topped with fresh raspberries) whilst my friend opted for the passion fruit mojito, both refreshing and easy to drink.IMG_6605Royal China doesn’t normally serve dim sum at dinner time but we were lucky enough to have a steamed platter brought to us in a basket containing, vegetable, chicken and scallop varieties. They were as good as I remembered.IMG_6609This time round I was keen to try the peking duck. Wrapped in a soft warm wrap, the aromatic duck was nice but the crispy skin was too hard on the teeth which turned my friend off.IMG_6611We had a variety of mains including the szechuan prawns which were juicy decent sized prawns coated in a firey chilli sauce.

We also tried a beef with black pepper sauce which came with sauteed onions and red pepper. The beef slices were extremely tender and delicate, a nice contrast to the crisp peppers.IMG_6617The Chinese broccoli sauteed in garlic was crispy despite looking over cooked.IMG_6619The lemon chicken was the most disappointing dish we tried that evening. I’m baffled as to how a simple dish could go so wrong but the chicken was dry and tough even though it was thinly sliced and the breadcrumbs and lemon sauce did nothing to improve the taste and texture.IMG_6621The flowering jasmine tea is always welcomed at the end of a meal. Helping to aid in digestion and it’s also a sight to see, with the flower almost growing in front of your eyes.IMG_6627The only dish we tried off the new Summer menu was the green tea glutinous rice dumplings filled with fresh mango. This dessert took a while to arrive but when it did it was warm to touch. The mango filling is more like a mango custard while the tart taste of the green tea dumpling is dominant over the sweet filling.IMG_6630The service was slow between meals with it taking them a long time to clear the tables. There was also multiple staff serving our table instead of having one dedicated server. The music was random and did not match the atmosphere and would be better suited to a lounge or bar. Perhaps more traditional music might be more appropriate for a restaurant classified as fine dining. Overall I prefer and would recommend their Friday Brunch with endless amounts of freshly made dim sum to choose from for just 188dhs plus DIFC taxes, which is better value for money. They also serve the hard to find (in Dubai) but delicious cheung fun noodle dish which is popular in Yum Cha places across the globe. Hopefully the service will be improved upon and become consistent with each visit.

Location: Building 4, DIFC (Valet Parking available)

Phone: 04 3545543

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Dubai Restaurant Week @ OKKU

Dubai Restaurant Week comes around once every year at the end of February. I missed out last year so I made sure I set reminders this time round to ensure I wouldn’t miss out again. For those that don’t know, Dubai Restaurant Week offers diners the ability to sample some of Dubai’s top fine dining establishments with a set menu for just a fraction of the price.IMG_4150The booking was made and the night arrived and off we set, taking a few back roads to avoid the traffic on SZR and we pulled up out the front of the H hotel. Ba Bow. Wrong. Sorry Ma’am, the valet parking is at the rear of the hotel. So we try again, and again and again. 4th time lucky and after much stress we find the valet parking. Like surely it’d be easier if they took your car at the front of the hotel and drove it to the back as they know exactly which tiny alley way to take to valet parking entrance. Anyways we try not let this dampen our evening ahead.IMG_4149We arrive at the front desk and the hand over our reservation number. Oh I’m sorry Ma’am it looks like your booking has been cancelled. Sorry? We wait patiently while they look into the problem and they quickly rectify the situation and show us to our table. OKKU oozes opulence like no other. A chic Japanese restaurant with suave Hollister model-like waiters to match. IMG_4148They bring us some edamame to start, quickly followed by the duck salad which has ample amounts of shredded duck and fresh bursts of pomegranate seeds. Delish!

Then came the sushi boat of scrumptious ebi maki rolls. I could of easily devoured a boat to myself.

IMG_4135They had run out of fresh passion fruit so I opted for a virgin strawberry mojito instead.IMG_4132These were the spicy tuna sushi. Deep fried oblongs of rice topped with marinated spicy tuna pieces. My friends weren’t a fan of these but I didn’t mind it. Something different.IMG_4134Then came the crunchy wasabi prawns. I’m not a fan of wasabi so I tried one but then let my friends finish them off.IMG_4137The yellow fin tuna carpaccio never arrived according to the menu order so I had to ask the waiter for it’s whereabouts. Lucky we did as they were ready to bring us the main course of the miso black cod. Delicate slices of tuna soaked in a yuzu pepper & zesty balsamic ponzu and garnished with circles of spring onion. This was my favorite until the main dish arrived.

The main course and what everyone talks about is how good OKKU’s miso black cod is. They aren’t stingy on the portion size either. Grilled to heavenly perfection you’ve never tried a cod this good. This dish is the eptiome of the term melt in your mouth.


How could any meal be complete without dessert. Okku offers a dark chocolate fondant which is not too sweet and not to bitter, complete with a side of creamy vanilla ice cream.


At an affordable 189 dirhams per person #DubaiRestaurantWeek is such a steal. The service was impeccable despite the restaurant being almost at capacity. We left content and with a smile on our faces. OKKU would be the perfect place for date night.

Location: 1st Floor, H Hotel.

Phone: 04 5018888

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