Have you tried Zengo’s revamped pan-asian menu?

Make no mistake, Zengo is located in Le Royal Meridien and not Meridien Mina Seyahi. Also note, there is a separate parking area for direct access to Zengo. Don’t put the car in valet unless you wish to take a short stroll through the hotel grounds to find it.


Zengo is probably the biggest Pan Asian restaurant I’ve stepped foot in. Spread out over an indoor and outside dining area with separate bars, 3 of them to be exact. One end houses the sushi bar and grill whilst the middle is a long bar with opposite being the resident DJ who mixes house tunes all evening.


The furnishings are sleek and detailed with the overall ambiance inviting. The outdoor bar is impressive although the yellow lighting over the outdoor dining table which overlooks the beach, sounds great but it reality wasn’t great for photos so we chose to sit inside at a semi circle booth.


The food menu is one single page covering Thai, Chinese and Japanese cuisine which is a new directive created by Chinese Chef Lieu back in September.

The raw dishes are executed and presented beautifully. The fresh seafood tasted divine. I can highly recommend trying the Suzuki aka the seabass sashimi.



The dumplings I found to be quite average. Not a lot of flavor at all. I’ve tasted better dumplings at Din Tai Fung. The duck pancakes was a strange combination of flavors and textures, not a dish I’d order again.


I wasn’t fond of the  grilled seafood, as it wasn’t juicy, perhaps a little overcooked as it was powdery in texture.


The popular main dish is the coconut chicken and I can see why, char grilled sliced pieces of juicy chicken on a bed of coconut sauce with a generous garnishing of green herbs. Delish!


Our waitress Madina was like our best friend. Chatting away and answering all of our questions without hesitation and also feeding back our thoughts to the chef.


The drink list is extensive and impressive. I immensely enjoyed the Italian wine. I could of easily knocked back a bottle to myself.


Ladies Night @ Zengo 7-12pm every Tuesday 3 free drinks and 50% off food

The restaurant was quiet when we dined on a Wednesday night. My guess it would be hard to fill considering the size. I’ve been told the Ladies Night gets quite busy though so it’s best to make a reservation.

Next time I visit I’ll definitely re-order the Thai food and the raw fish.

Call for reservations 043995555

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What to eat when you visit Sydney

The top 10 things to eat when in Sydney, Australia.

  1. Yum Cha aka Dim Sum. Recommended location: Cabramatta, this is where you’ll find the most authentic tasting dishes.

2. If you’re a fan of My Kitchen Rules then you must pay a visit to Kin By Us in Macquarie Park. The duo serve up some Asian inspired fusion dishes which are not to be missed.

3. Bao’s are all the rage. You can find these soft and squishy buns at Belly Bao or alternatively Mr. Bao or Bao Stop.

4. Who doesn’t love a soda float? Especially when said soda float contains alcohol. Find them from none other than The Soda Factory, in Surry Hills.

5. Fancy AF ice creams. I mean look at my ice cream. It’s floating in a cloud. Create your own at Aqua S.

6. If you’re lucky enough to have family or friends in Oz then there’s nothing like a home cooked meal prepared on the BBQ along with some fresh seafood. Check out my Xmas spread below.

7. Everyone’s always looking for the best gelato in Sydney. I can tell you now that N2 extreme rocked my socks off. I prefer it over Messina.

8. A freak shake. Canberra started the craze and the rest of Oz followed. Check out The Missing Piece in Macquarie Centre for your fix.

9. A pork sausage roll with tomato sauce. Nuff said.

10. Last but not least, a chicken schnitzel or schnitty as us Aussie like to call them.
Most pubs and RSL clubs serve up a decent schnitty and I couldn’t leave Sydney again without smashing one down. Don’t forget to ask for chicken salt on your chips and your choice of gravy.

Magnificent Moshi

There’s a new Moshi location in town and it’s bigger and better than before with more seating including some comfy new chairs, a sushi bar that you can eat at and it even comes equipped with it’s own restrooms.IMG_8283The same bright orange color scheme is still there as well as an addition of a mirrored wall and a place to hang your personalized lock. Nawwww cute! ❤IMG_8322Rahul & Khushboo have been hard at work to bring Dubai a new Summer menu just in time for Ramadan. The new menu is below.IMG_8286We tried almost everything off the menu. Highlights for me included the volcano roll (a tempura prawn on top of an avocado base) zaatar labneh maki roll (self explanatory), the edamame & mushroom momos and last but not least the current food trend the sushi burger! A crispy coated chicken patty inside two rice buns with lettuce and a creamy sauce sprinkled in sesame seeds.

Dislikes: The use of too much chilli kind of kills the taste of everything else. Especially when the sushi comes laying in a zig zag of chilli sauce. It’s the first thing that hits your mouth and if your not too fond of chilli then this can ruin your experience. If you are not tolerant to chilli I’d suggest making them know whether you order a take away or dine in as they can customize it to your taste as everything is made fresh in house.IMG_8305IMG_8308Also the hot dog maki I was not a fan of but that’s just personal taste.IMG_8316Moshi to date is still experimenting with unique ingredients and flavors and ways to stay ahead of the pack. It keeps their customers coming back for more.IMG_8285The lotus shake (pictured above) is perfect for that sweet ending with a crunchy twist!

So what are you waiting for? Get down to a Moshi branch near you and try the new Summer menu! #SipDipRoll

Location: Shop 5-6 Oud Metha Building, Oud Metha

Phone: 04 2759056

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Dinner @ Royal China, DIFC

Yet another London export which calls Dubai home is the Asian restaurant named Royal China. I’ve dined twice at this DIFC location before with both times being for the Friday brunch. The first time I went I was super impressed and the time after I was left scratching my head as to how the service could differ so greatly.IMG_6632An invite saw me return back to Royal China but this time for dinner where myself and my guest got to sample their a la carte menu and hopefully give them a chance to redeem themselves (service wise) as I had no complaints with the food quality previously. I’ve been told their head chef is from Shanghai so looking forward to some authentic tasting dishes.

First thing I noticed as we were seated in our red velour seats were the overly scratched dining tables. I also noticed from my first visit back in Jan 2015 that the furniture looked like it hadn’t been updated since then. Maybe some new tables or even table clothes would look nicer for their guests.IMG_6603The giant red lanterns overhead are striking as is the see through bar with the multiple wine racks. I know Dubai hasn’t caught up with the no-smoking indoors but at one stage during our evening I got a big whiff of cigarette smoke. Unavoidable but a non-smoking dining area would also be welcome.IMG_6631One of the multiple waiters for the evening went over the menu/s to give us some suggestions on what to eat. We started with some drinks and I tried the recommended Red Dragon mocktail (a fruity mix topped with fresh raspberries) whilst my friend opted for the passion fruit mojito, both refreshing and easy to drink.IMG_6605Royal China doesn’t normally serve dim sum at dinner time but we were lucky enough to have a steamed platter brought to us in a basket containing, vegetable, chicken and scallop varieties. They were as good as I remembered.IMG_6609This time round I was keen to try the peking duck. Wrapped in a soft warm wrap, the aromatic duck was nice but the crispy skin was too hard on the teeth which turned my friend off.IMG_6611We had a variety of mains including the szechuan prawns which were juicy decent sized prawns coated in a firey chilli sauce.

We also tried a beef with black pepper sauce which came with sauteed onions and red pepper. The beef slices were extremely tender and delicate, a nice contrast to the crisp peppers.IMG_6617The Chinese broccoli sauteed in garlic was crispy despite looking over cooked.IMG_6619The lemon chicken was the most disappointing dish we tried that evening. I’m baffled as to how a simple dish could go so wrong but the chicken was dry and tough even though it was thinly sliced and the breadcrumbs and lemon sauce did nothing to improve the taste and texture.IMG_6621The flowering jasmine tea is always welcomed at the end of a meal. Helping to aid in digestion and it’s also a sight to see, with the flower almost growing in front of your eyes.IMG_6627The only dish we tried off the new Summer menu was the green tea glutinous rice dumplings filled with fresh mango. This dessert took a while to arrive but when it did it was warm to touch. The mango filling is more like a mango custard while the tart taste of the green tea dumpling is dominant over the sweet filling.IMG_6630The service was slow between meals with it taking them a long time to clear the tables. There was also multiple staff serving our table instead of having one dedicated server. The music was random and did not match the atmosphere and would be better suited to a lounge or bar. Perhaps more traditional music might be more appropriate for a restaurant classified as fine dining. Overall I prefer and would recommend their Friday Brunch with endless amounts of freshly made dim sum to choose from for just 188dhs plus DIFC taxes, which is better value for money. They also serve the hard to find (in Dubai) but delicious cheung fun noodle dish which is popular in Yum Cha places across the globe. Hopefully the service will be improved upon and become consistent with each visit.

Location: Building 4, DIFC (Valet Parking available)

Phone: 04 3545543

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My top 10 places to eat dumplings in Dubai

Listed below are my favorite places to eat dumplings in Dubai.

Noodle Bowl, Satwa

Din Tai Fung

Ping Pong, Dubai Mall

Social House, Dubai Mall

P.F Changs

Asia Asia, Pier 7

The China Club, Radisson Blu Dubai Creek

Haru, Silicon Oasis


Royal China



What are your favorite dumplings and where do you go to eat them? Let me know in the comments section below.

Nossy x

Armenian cuisine @ Mayrig

It was a warm Dubai evening. My friend and I took a short stroll along Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard from the parking in P1 to arrive at Mayrig restaurant. Mayrig claims to be the only Armenian restaurant in Dubai but who am I to disagree?

IMG_5871Boasting a fantastic al fresco dining area in the heart of the Downtown Dubai, the location is second to none. We were greeted by Aline, the owner of the restaurant. Aline’s energy and passion is almost infectious. Aline is proud of her Armenian background which is rich is culture, history and not to mention food.IMG_5873Mayrig, meaning mother is shown true through the recipes have been handed down from generation to generation with Aline’s grandma’s photograph even being featured on the menu and recipes.IMG_5875Our rather large table is a mix of cultures, with everyone here being invited to both dine and cook with Aline herself. We were handed 4 recipes cards and then we got to select which one we’d like to learn to cook then we were allowed to enter the kitchen (hair nets and all) to experience first hand Aline’s cooking demonstration.IMG_5881Our group learnt how to make the fishnah kebab (below). A mix of ground beef & lamb which is grilled and topped with a sour wild cherry compote which is slow cooked on fire with sugar and cinnamon. IMG_5912Once we were finished with the cooking class we returned to the table which had a spread of appetizers already waiting for us. Whats great at Mayrig is the selection of products they sell like the orange blossom and rose waters which are home made but also used to create some of their dishes.

I’ve only recently started eating olives and my favorite are the green ones so I was happy to see the Zeitoun salad as a starter. It’s a mix of green olives, walnuts and olive oil all tossed together as a salad with chopped tomatoes and herbs creating various textures.

Zeitoun Salad

Also included in the starters with the hommos soujouk which is topped with Armenian smoked beef.

Hommos Soujouk

Itch is an Armenian styled tabbouleh which has a tomato paste as a base along with bulgar wheat, onions, peppers, parsley and scallions. A refreshing take on the norm.

Itch or Eech is an Armenian style tabbouleh

The Mayrig selection was so impressive, served on a large plate with each kebbe vibrant on it’s own and also accompanied by it’s own sauce or topping if you wish. There were a few of the non vegetarians who were hesitant to taste the raw meat kebbe. Not me, I was keen as mustard. There’s a method to the madness with each piece of kebbe squished on your plate with your fork before adding the coinciding topping. I picked up some bread, grabbed the meat and sauce combo between my fingers and down it went. It was a smooth and spicy filling and actually quite enjoyable. The others don’t know what they’re missing out on.

Mayrig SelectionLentil Kebbe, Potato Kebbe and Raw Meat Kebbe
Left to Right: Lahme Beajine, Fishna Keufteh and Sou Beureg

The mante I was super keen to try as I’ve heard this is their most popular dish. It’s basically hand made mini minced meat dumplings served with a tomato sauce and yoghurt which is poured over them to enjoy. They also serve them in spinach too should anyone be vegetarian in your group. The spicy potatoes were also a favorite among the veg & non-veg diners.

ManteMinced meat dumplings

Before we even had enough time to digest the mains the desserts started to arrive. A cheesey maamoul…IMG_5921Sare Bourma, an Armenian style pakhlava. (A bit hard on the old teeth)IMG_5920And last but not least a selection of ice cream and the the dish everyone wooed over Moussa Ler. The fluffy cotton candy topped ashta ice cream with a sprinkling of crushed pistachios. It was every bit delicious as it looks.IMG_5917Having never tried Armenian food before I was so impressed by the flavors and dishes. There is a strong Middle Eastern influence that is seen through the menu and I actually struggled to find things I didn’t like. Which is this case means I’ll be back again soon and this time with friends in tow.

Location: Opposite Al Manzil Hotel, Mohamad Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai

Phone: 04 4539945

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Asian fusion @ Shanghai Chic

Tucked away in the beautifully stunning Movenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate, is the super chic Asian fusion restaurant aptly named Shanghai Chic. It’s one of eight restaurants which can be found inside the 5 star hotel.

Cherrie the restaurant manager greeted us upon arrival and was expecting our visit. The restaurant is made up of half moon booths as well as tables for larger groups. We were led to our seats where we were handed the menus and given a brief overview of how it works.

There are two options to choose from. You can chose to eat a la carte or go for the unlimited tasting menu for 199AED with soft drinks or 299AED with house beverages. Like hello? Who wouldn’t want to choose the unlimited tasting menu which means you can try as many items off the menu (in smaller portions) until you find what you like and then order it again. Or at least that’s what I thought I would do.

We place our first round order of food as well as some fresh pineapple juice for drinks. While we wait they bring us some appetizers of prawn crackers, roasted almonds and spicy cucumbers, although I tried not to waste too much space on these. The oriental music in the background is very fitting to the restaurant theme as is the large dragon painting which lines the main wall.

Prawn crackers, roasted nuts and spicy cucumbers

The chef surprised us with a special dish aptly named the “Swimmer Crab”. A deep fried crab cake topped with mayonnaise, fish roe and surrounded with segments of pomelo and spanish onions among other ingredients sitting perched on the top of a black pebble stone.  A masterpiece that I didn’t want to eat or ruin, but I was so glad I did. The different textures and flavors made a harmonious delight on my palette. My tastebuds danced for joy. *Note to readers: you cannot eat the stone*

We thought the Swimmer Crab was impressive. Then came the various starters with the duck cigars causing the biggest stir. The details in this dish were just incredible. Served in a cigar box complete with faux ash. The crunchy crispy coating of the cigar was then filled with a marinated duck filling. Superb. I couldn’t help but hold it like a cigar while I ate it. I enjoyed mostly all of the starters we received although the steamed dumplings could of benefited from being a little warmer in terms of temperature.

How is this for presentation? The duck cigars WOW’ed us. Not only in presentation but in taste as well.

The head chef is as humble as he is talented. Coming to greet us and introduce himself we were in awe of his creativeness. Chef Pallay loves to bring something fresh to the table which shows not only through his food presentation but also with the ever changing menu which is updated every 3 months. They believe this keeps the regular clientele happy.

The kunafa prawns and foie gras gyoza showcased a nice mix of fusion cuisine. It definitely keeps the menu interesting.

Ok, so maybe we might of over ordered, but we tried everything that was brought to our table. Don’t let the small portion sizes fool you, you will get full. They also have multiple pork options on the menu too.  I loved the addition of pomegranates on the sweet n sour pork, although my favorite and the most flavorsome had to be the pork belly as it was super tender and fatty. I would of ordered another round but we still had desserts to come.

We chose 3 out of the 5 dessert options to share including a so so mango pudding, indulgent banana fritters with a thick toffee sauce and a mini chocolate freak shake which was surprisingly good and our favorite of the 3.

Every dish which arrived throughout the evening was made with such love and attention while the service was friendly, personable and memorable.

I was so impressed with Shanghai Chic overall that I’ll be taking my visitors back for a dinner that I know will impress.


If you can’t make it for dinner one evening then Shanghai Chic also joins forces with some of the hotel restaurants to host a weekly Friday brunch as well.

Location: Ground floor, Movenpick Hotel, Ibn Battuta Gate

Phone: 04 5509252

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Hypnothaised @ Thiptara

Hypnothai brunch at Thiptara located inside the Palace Downtown is new to the brunch scene having only launched a few weeks earlier.IMG_4929IMG_4931Surrounded by water of the Dubai Fountains and most famously the Burj Khalifa the location is second to none. Some might even say it’s hypno-THAI-sing. 😛IMG_4938IMG_4952The resident DJ set’s the vibe for the day spinning house tunes all afternoon whilst the staff were a little MIA in terms of showing guests what’s on offer.

There’s around 40 of us dining as a big group courtesy of Zomato for another #ZomatoMeetup. Taking this into consideration the staff numbers should of matched the guest ratio. The food on offer is in just the one room and is Thai cuisine only.IMG_4933We start with a range of appetizers including scallops, chicken satay and dim sum as well as a fragrant chicken and coconut soup.

IMG_5010IMG_5007IMG_4973There’s also a range of Thai salads, some of which are made to order by the staff using fresh ingredients.

IMG_4943IMG_4944IMG_4945IMG_4956For drinks there is a selection of fresh made juices, coconuts, sangria and cider on offer as well as red and white wines and beers which are ordered via the staff. I was excited to pick up and sip on a fresh coconut but was concerned to find that it was empty. My friend had the same experience. Not sure if someone had already drunk it and returned it or if these two coconuts had holes in the bottom of them. Either way it was strange. What I did love was the white wine sangria, the fruit punch and the refreshing cucumber soda which is actually made the connecting bar, Fai.IMG_4979IMG_4955

Mains consisted of stir fry wagyu beef, green chicken curry and wok fried Canadian lobster, served with an endless offering of Jasmine steamed rice and a side of Phad Se Eiw Gai and some mixed stir fry vegetablesThe beef, chicken and lobster dishes were all executed very well with the juicy lobster pieces being my favorite in a black pepper and onion sauce. The Phad Se Eiw Gai was perfectly sticky however I didn’t like the sauce they used as it was too bland for my palette. I would of liked to of seen a Pad Thai option as well.


There’s no denying the food quality is of a high standard, if only they had the service to match. I found throughout the duration of brunch there was a massive gap of at least a metre wide where no food was being put on our table. It was concentrated at the ends of the table which meant we (my friend and I) were missing out on trying some of the dishes. I had to ask and order this separately just so we could try some of them.

The Thai desserts were impressive both visually and taste wise with the highlight being the Khao Neaw Mamueng aka Mango sticky rice. There was also a lot of exotic Thai fruits on offer.

I’d love to go back again in a smaller group so I could taste the things I missed as even though the spread looks quite small there is quite a lot on offer. If you’re a Thai fan then you would definitely enjoy it.

Hypothai is a very affordable brunch at just 260dhs with soft beverages, 320dhs with house beverages and 390dhs with the bubbly package. Being a new brunch, I’ll let the service slide this time round and hopefully on my next visit it’s vastly improved.

Location: Palace Downtown

Dress code: Smart casual

Reservations are essential – call 04 2753077

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Yum Cha @ The China Club

The China Club has been on my foodie hit list pretty much since I moved to Dubai nearly two years ago. For me, Yum Cha or Dim Sum (as some may call it) was a ritual with my family and eventually friends too, so much so that I started my own Yum Cha Club which entailed monthly meetings held at various yum cha places around Sydney.

Two years later I’m still on the hunt for the best Yum Cha restaurant in Dubai.  So one sunny Friday morning we arranged a small gathering and 4 of us set off to Radisson Blu in Baniyas to see what all the fuss was about.


We arrive at the hotel and walk down some long halls before finding The China Club. Tucked away in the corner, there was no one to greet us as we entered. There are two private dining areas on either side before we reached the main dining area which isn’t overly big by any means but had very formal classic decor.

IMG_3188I secretly wish we had a bigger group so we sit at a table with a lazy susan but I’m happy we got seated in a booth which is great for small talk.

IMG_3217The waiter explained the Friday brunch deal to us and then took our drink orders. For a set price of 139AED per person you get an array of fried and steamed dim sum, tea, soft drinks and iced tea, starters consisting of salads and soups, as well as mains of noodles and rice and last but not least, dessert! Phew. Make sure you go with an appetite.

We started with delicious hot soups. I had the chicken & corn soup which was fragrant and enjoyable but I didn’t want to fill up on soup as I wanted to leave space for lots of dumplings.

IMG_3192IMG_3194The steamed dim sum were my favorite and I particularly liked the freshness of the dumplings. The har gow was perfectly sticky and you could tell everything was made fresh in house. This is probably the most authentic tasting dumplings I’ve had in Dubai other than Din Tai Fung.

IMG_3196IMG_3206IMG_3203IMG_3207We went through a few rounds of steamed dumplings, making sure not to eat too many fried ones as they fill you up too much and then decided to try some crispy noodles for mains. I enjoyed the crunchy texture of the crispy noodles but they were nearly impossible to eat with chopsticks.

Crispy noodles


I asked to order some chicken wings as it was the only thing off the steamed dim sum trolley we didn’t try but unfortunately they don’t serve them anymore and just haven’t updated the menu since. So we moved onto dessert. Red bean paste sesame balls which were a favorite amongst my friends as well as some puddings, (mango with strawberries was my fav) and vanilla ice cream with lychee. By this stage we were bursting at the seams.


Chinese Jasmine Tea

The service could of been better considering the restaurant wasn’t overly full. We mentioned this to the manager on duty who apologized and assured us next time it wouldn’t happen.IMG_3187This is the only restaurant I’ve found so far serving dim sum out of trolleys like back home. The price is great value and you’ll definitely leave with a full belly. The only thing missing is the pork.

The China Club – Radisson Blu, Dubai Creek, Deira

Bookings – 04 4489059

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Taipei Dao -Tasteful Taiwanese

I’m so thankful to a lovely friend of mine for inviting me to a tasting evening at Taipei Dao. I’d never heard of this restaurant before which is now situated in Southridge Tower #4 in Downtown Dubai; a) even though it had been open for 5 months already and b) it had a been a long standing restaurant in Dubai but previously located in Healthcare City.IMG_1789The restaurant has a modern Asian twist in terms of design and is broken down into 3 parts; the restaurant, a bakery and a grocery store. You’d be surprised to know this restaurant does not serve any white rice which the owner likes to call ‘dead rice’. Instead they serve a variety of germinated brown rice which is better for your insides. Taipei Dao also caters for Gluten Free.


The owner, a lovely lady named Felice, is so passionate about what she does. The grocery items for sale (which are also used in the restaurant for cooking) are all hand picked and imported from Taiwan. This includes a range of tea, organic brown rice, vinegars etc. None of their food contains any MSG. They make all of their sauces used in their dishes in house and they also use a deep sea salt which means it’s in it’s purest form but also free from any pollution. They don’t do any advertising as they believe the food will speak for itself. Or the patrons will speak for the food. I, myself haven’t stopped raving it about it since my last visit.

The drinks: Taipei Dao’s shelves and menu has so many varieties of tea that you will be spoilt for choice. They even have a dedicated tea master tasting area. On my visit I chose to drink a black bubble tea with milk and chewy tapioca pearls. Enjoyable but filling so beware on drinking too much too soon and not leaving enough room for the food. However the pu-erh xiao tuo cha tea we had between dishes helps to aid digestion as does the shot of lavender vinegar we had post food, both of which are available for purchase from their in-house store.

The starters: A mixture of steamed dumplings, beef pan fried dumplings, a hot and sour soup (which you won’t find on the menu but can request as a special) and oriental spring onion pancake served with a homemade soy based sauce – very addictive.

Favorites included: The almond and prawn spring rolls with pineapple and the seafood cake. The almond and prawn spring roll was a new concept to me. Coated in almond flakes making the coating extra crunchy whilst the sweet pineapple addition inside is a nice contrast against the chunky prawn filling. The seafood cakes are like giant pan fried dumplings with combination of seafood inside. Just delicious!

The mains: We were served a mixture of hot and cold main course dishes. The cold dishes included slices of chicken and goose served with fresh strips of ginger. One of my favorites was the pineapple fruity prawn. Firstly the presentation was impressive, served in half a pineapple, garnished with cleverly designed vegetables but the flavor and quality of the ingredients was superb. The beef stew served in a hot pot was another. Having been steamed for hours which keeps the texture of the beef together the tenderness alone is something not to be missed as is the gorgeous gravy it is based in. However it was the well executed hammour in ginger which stole the show for me. Delicate, fresh and flavorsome. I secretly wished I didn’t have to share it. Highly recommended.

The dessert: It may look like a regular chocolate fondant but it was anything but.  Made with 50% whole wheat and 70% cocoa and served with a pomelo and kumquat home made ice cream which created an intersting flavor contrast between dark chocolate and citrus.IMG_1844

Takeaway: We were given the choice to take home some freshly baked treats from the in-house bakery. I chose the spring onion roll which I ate the next day. I devoured it so quickly I was tempted to drive downtown immediately for more. Full of flavor. I’ll be picking some up on my next visit for sure.

IMG_1871For all those dumpling lovers you’d be please to know that Taipei Dao offers ‘all you can eat’ dumplings every Friday and Saturday for lunch & dinner for just 98AED! What a steal. I’m already looking forward to my next visit.

Opening hours: 12-3 pm, 6:30-10:30pm

Address: Southridge Tower 4, Downtown Dubai, Dubai

Phone number: 04 4510694

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