Carnival by Tresind – The best value business lunch in Dubai! 

Looking for a superb Business Lunch deal in DIFC? Then head over to Carnival by Tresind.
For just 99AED ++ you get a 12 course set menu which is such great value. FYI, this price does not include your drinks.

On my most recent trip to CBT, I took my brother who was in town visiting. We were the first people to arrive for the lunch sitting but a few tables filled up after we had started eating. 

I adore the copper interior details along with bursts of bright colors and a dizzying black and white flooring. This time there were dream catchers hanging in the trees near our table. As we were being seated i noticed a small Cath Kidston style floral back pack on our table which contained our cutlery, serviette and water glass. 

The bread they serve is a small bun with grated cheese and a slither of truffle, freshly baked as you could see the cheese still melting.

The small plates almost arrived altogether which was not a bad thing as we were quite hungry. 

Out of the 6 they served 3 were vegetarian, a yuzu masala taco, peanut butter & jelly paneer, quirky & clever but not my cup of tea and game of corns, a corn curd cutlet with a goji berry chutney topped with a dot of kewpie mayo, surrounded by actual popcorn. The 3 non veg dishes included meat-a-licious grilled Australian lamp chops with a masala sauce, just slider – two chicken seekh kebeb sliders with jalapenos and caramelized onions served on an uber cute lego set made to look like McDonalds! I love the creativity and tongue-in-cheek approach as well as pulliinji; South Indian style ginger prawns, made crunchy due to caramelized palm sugar and topped with a crisp curry leaf.

Between small and large plates came a frozen passionfruit and basil seed sorbet so good, that I could of eaten a large portion for dessert and been content with my lunch for the day.

However the mains aka large plates were yet to arrive. 😞 Luckily there were only 4 of them. But not only do they serve up 4 mains, they also come with carbs. Rice, bread, you name it, there was lots of it.

Out of the chickpea curry, a simmering steamed in a bag seabass, a sweet on the palate butter chicken and a dum aloo, the fish and the potatoes dishes stood out for us. The fish was impressive as it wasn’t overcooked at all therefore the texture was perfect and the dum aloo as the flavoring was so addictive without being overly spicy.

I hate to say it but we didn’t eat all the mains. We just had the one serving which the waiter gave us and of course I tried some of the naan and stuck our forks back into the dum aloo. 

Once the mains were cleared away out came the dessert! Two of them, relatively small looking to our approval. Milk & cookies which consisted of a mawa (vanilla) cake, burnt banana with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and tiny heart biscuits. But the winner of the two was the tropical fruit cornetto’s layered with mango and pineapple sorbet and topped with coconut whipped cream. A heavenly combination.

​The service was fantastic as usual and I can’t recommend this experience enough. My brother who was visiting was particularly impressed. What I love about CBT is that they change the menu every season and add new and exciting dishes. Not to mention the uber hip ambiance due to the house music mix being played in the background. 

What’s the best value business lunch deal you’ve been to in Dubai?

Leave your comments below. 

For bookings call: 04 457 3732

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Hakuna Matata @ KIZA

Let’s be honest. I hadn’t heard good things about KIZA so I was very hesitant to visit. However last Monday evening a bunch of food bloggers (myself included) gathered for another BME in DIFC. I’m so glad I got to try KIZA for myself as in the end I had nothing to worry about. Hakuna Mata!


KIZA is located in the same building as Mint Leaf of London and is easily found on the Ground Floor. There is no valet service unfortunately so depending on where you park you will have to pay.


Our evening starts with a change of outfits. We were lucky enough to wear some incredible designs by Ntombi Couture. After a small photoshoot, we enjoy a welcome cocktail or mocktail of our choice. I opted for the passionfruit mojito which was served with a load of ice, fresh mint and fresh passionfruit. (My fave!)


KIZA used to be located somewhere in Healthcare City and was a lot smaller venue/bar. The new space in DIFC is huge! It has a bar which takes centre stage lined with African drums as chairs. In the middle is the DJ booth and dance floor where we learn from the African staff members how to do a traditional dance which they do at weddings. It was super fun!


Once we eventually sit down we are served two small portions of soups to try back to back. A pepper lamb soup which is very spicy, I nearly choke as the pepper goes down the wrong hole. The choking aside the lamb adds a nice meaty flavor to the broth although some of the lamb pieces were a little too fatty for me to finish my bowl. Next up was a lentil soup which was very powdery on my palette.


From the starters menu we also try the Kiza mango salad, special BBQ grilled chicken wings and African meat pattys. The Kiza mango salad was fresh – I love the addition of fruits in salads which adds sweetness and the addition of walnuts for the crunchy texture.

The BBQ wings had a nice sauce I only wish there was more of it and I personally would of preferred if the wings were left on the grill for a little longer, as the chicken skin was a bit soggy. The African meat pattys are equivalent to South American espanadas, a thick pastry baked with a filling of minced meat and vegetables. Warm and comforting and addictive, I could of easily downed the whole plate to myself.

Before main courses arrive we change seats so we can get to mingle with other people. The smiling staff offer us a glass of red or white wine to go with our meals. First out of the kitchen was the African kale, Peri Peri Prawns and the jollof rice. The sauteed kale was drool worthy and the prawns were so big and mean looking and tasting. The jollof rice is a red tomato based rice which is a nice base for the Kenyan vegetable stew which is a little on the spicy side.

Next out was the Mixed Grill Platter which was huge in portion size and perfect for sharing, however juicy the meat looked i still found some pieces I tried to be on the dry side. Looks can be deceiving!


The masala fries which landed on the table at the same time were thick cut potato fries rolled in ample amounts of masala spices and herbs.


The sea bream was served whole and then cut up into pieces. A fleshy meat, (but beware of the bones); I enjoyed it with Kiza’s special African sauce which was served with the prawns.


From the desserts we tried I most enjoyed the Pineapple upside down cake. The cake was light and fluffy and had a coconut flavor to it, whilst the cooked pineapple is just enough sweetness to end a filling African meal.


For those who are lucky to work in the DIFC area and love an after work tipple KIZA have a happy hour from 4-8 everyday!

The food menu is quite reasonably priced considering it’s classified as fine dining. There’s definitely some items I’d order again like the African meat pattys, Peri Peri Prawns and the Kiza salad.

If you want to see what my fellow foodies said about KIZA click on the hyperlinks below:

NB: This blog post was sponsored by Doindubai. Big ups to Monica for organizing such a fun evening!

Location: Emirates Financial Towers
Phone: 04 453 9038

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On the hunt for the best buffalo wings @ OW&R

It was a Thursday night and after some awful parallel parking by myself, we walk inside and take the lift to the concourse level to Original Wings & Rings.

We are greeted by Hazel, a polite Filipino lady who ends up being our waitress for the evening. We are given menus upon being seated. Through the glass windows you can see some of the DIFC skyscrapers in the distance.

They have a smoking and non-smoking area but it’s not divided by any glass or walls so it makes no difference where you sit really. I found the high chairs and tables we sat at to be rather uncomfortable and rather high especially for those vertically challenged people like myself, getting on and off the chairs were difficult.
There was a nice buzzing ambiance as it was a Thursday evening with loads of sports game being shown on the multiple screens around the venue.
 We ate entrees and while we were still digging in our mains arrived. I think the waitress should of been more observant that we hadn’t finished our entrees as they sent them back to the kitchen to sit under the warmer while we finished our entrees. Not ideal. Once dessert arrived there was no change of cutlery between.
For the non drinkers or designated drivers in my case there was a decent sized menu consisting of juices, soft drinks, iced tea, fresh fruit freezers and mocktails.
Note to those soda drinkers they offer unlimited refills. The spinach dip was very good, however letting them down was the deep fried chips it was served with. Some fresh salted nacho chips would work better IMO.
 The chicken buffalo salad was served on a gigantic plate and I would of happily had that as my main meal,  if I knew how big it was. There was generous portions of chicken it a hot buffalo sauce however the garden salad it lay upon was a little boring.
For mains I ordered the Buffalo chicken wings (duh). Being the second time at OWR I had expected an improved wing experience as a friend of mine explained how they were her favorite and how they bring out multiple dipping sauces for you to try. Well the Buffalo wings just come with a runny ranch sauce and shoestring french fries, however the buffalo sauce was so thin and watery that the wings barely held any flavor. Also by this stage the wings were cold now too so not as hot as juicy as one would expect.
 My friend had a fajita which came on a unusually thick pita bread wrap, again served with shoestring fries. She didn’t seem too impressed.
Not really feeling dessert but Hazel insisting, we ordered the chocolate brownie and lemon cheesecake. Some additional sugar syrup is added to the plate to dazzle it up however after tasting the cheesecake I realized they have a long way to go before it’s at Cheesecake Factory level desserts.
To me OW&R is better suited to those sports fanatics, who enjoy a drink or two with friends that are not too critical when it comes to their food.

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Totora – Peruvian cuisine in DIFC

There’s an abundance of Peruvian restaurants popping up in Dubai lately. A welcome invite saw myself and a guest have the privilege of dining at the newly opened Totora Cebicheria Peruana which calls Gate 7 in DIFC home.


I’m wowed as soon as I walk in, the floating bridge they’ve created for their entrance makes me feel like I’m deep in the Amazon. Lions and monkeys aside, the well mannered staff greet us on the other side and one kindly escorts us to our table upstairs in the main dining area. The pops of aqua green and cleverly hidden lights add a chic feeling while the music is a mix of Spanish infused house which is heard from the live DJ in the bar/lounge below.


Ronaldo is our server for the evening and passes by with a set menu for the evening. It includes three different types of cebiches. 2 years ago I would of never thought I’d be eating raw fish and here I am, fighting for the last bits of the Tuna cebiche, soaked in a salty but Asian inspired sesame dressing. Although we both agreed the mushroom cebiche is also outstanding and we’d definitely order this dish again.


We are offered a pisco sour, a traditional cocktail of Peru made with you guessed it, Pisco which is a brandy base originating from South America; mixed with egg whites, bitters and citrus juice.




Post starters Ronaldo serves us with another cocktail, this time it’s a Chilcano, which again uses pisco as it’s base but this time has a refreshing sparkling of ginger ale with fresh lime juice and a dash of bitters.


The next round of small bites include a maki roll topped with quinoa and a Peruvian sauce, some beef empanadas de carne as well as some anticuchos which are grilled chicken skewers. For me the sushi and chicken skewers were a little bland and something I would not order next time. I was happy to know that we knew exactly how to eat the empanadas with Ronaldo chirping in as we did. “Ahh you know how to eat them”. Apparently cutting them in half first then squeezing the lime in the center before taking a bite is the correct way. A good guess by us!




Next we rolled onto the mains which included a braised lamb leg perched on top of a bed of Peruvian squash, a quinoa salad with truffle oil, white wine, mushrooms and parmesan and last but not least duck on a bed of risotto style beer flavored rice. Not being a fan of truffle oil, the quinotta was the least favorite for me. Although it’s the most bland of the 3 the lamb was my favorite as it’s a comforting dish of slow cooked fall apart lamb in a warm gravy and whilst the duck meat was also very good I wasn’t a fan of the rice base so overall for me it the duck dish didn’t hit the spot.




The dessert comes later with two on offer – their Clasico Peruano a classic rice pudding with crumbled pieces of chewy fig and a traditional purple corn sorbet. As much as I appreciate the combination of flavors and textures the Tres Leches is right up my alley. A little annoyed I didn’t have time to take a “before” picture as Ronaldo starts pouring the condensed milk straight over the thick but fluffy wedge of cake which then makes the whipped cream peaks slide off the cake making for an “after” photo like the one below.



If I didn’t have a pending vacation I would of gobbled all of the Tres Leches down to myself as my guest preferred the rice pudding. Although I must admit I had troubles putting the spoon down.


As you can see the kitchen has a special eye for attention to detail and if you’re after a lot of fresh ingredients with ample flavor then Totora is for you.

Location: Gate Village 7, DIFC, Dubai

Phone: 04 3999666

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Dancing @ Dusty’s, DIFC

A welcome invite from my friend G saw myself and the squad hit up Dusty’s on a Wednesday evening. The electic decor and uber cool vibes were the first to catch my attention.IMG_6581The low level tables along the wall are cosy and romantic with a water feature view to add to the ambiance. I could of sworn the DJ was playing my iPod at one stage with a whole heap of 90’s tunes from hip hop to RnB and even the legendary Michael Jackson was thrown into the mix. The only thing missing is a dance floor, which resulted in me doing karaoke and chair dancing much to my friends amusement.IMG_6564The Wednesday night brunch deal (from 6-10pm) see’s you get an unlimited amount of small plates (from a choice of 11) as well as unlimited beverages for just 200AED. Such a steal! The highlight for me being the crunchy lobster tacos loaded with guacamole.

The food service although perhaps slow at times, which could be due to multiple orders at a time, was worth the wait with the small plates we had as starters impressing our taste buds.

As we are here for a tasting evening we are allowed to sample the main menu which sees us ordering two pastas, a mild linguine amatriciana and a mushroom penne which could of had a bit more creamy sauce, extremely flavorful and tender Korean spiced lamb chops, the melt-in-your-mouth black cod with a green chili & mango salsa with a side of crunchy truffle fries.

The beverages on offer include house wines, of which i sampled the rose which was sweet on my palette. The bottled beer included was peroni.IMG_6563We’re pretty stuffed come dessert time so only order the one to share, a round french toast topped with vanilla ice cream and a not so generous serving of caramel sauce.IMG_6584To our surprise they also bought us the candy station. A chocolate fondue set complete with cake pops, macarons, churros, fruit & candy. As I found the french toast to be a little dry, dipping into the fondue was the perfect solution!IMG_6583Not only could I not stop chair dancing the entire evening, my taste buds were also dancing with delight. They also have an outdoor area with a water feature which they use for ladies night.

Needless to say I’m looking forward to my next Dusty’s experience.

Location: 1st Floor, Al Fattan Currency House (Free valet parking for the first 2 hours)

Phone: 04 354 5435

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