5 reasons why your next breakfast should be at The Claw

1. They serve cereal! All those American favorites comes together in one place with a choice or full fat, semi skim, soy, almond or rice milk. Think Reeses Puff’s, Trix and Lucky Charms. (Although the latter was not available on my visit)

2. The menu is so BIG that it caters for everyone. Vegetarian? No problems. Gluten free? There’s something for you.

3. Bottomless (black) coffee – These two words are music to coffee drinkers ears and so typically American too!

4. They serve chicken for breakfast! I had the Redneck which is two poached eggs on top of two buttermilk chicken pieces with a super generous portion of breakfast potatoes. Super delicious with a zingy hollandiase sauce. You can also order chicken & waffles.


5. You can have fun for free! They have arcade machines on free play and a jukebox as well as multiple TV screens showing American sports.​

The service at Claw is always friendly and the atmosphere is very relaxed and casual.

Unfortunately breakfast won’t be served again until after Ramadan so you’ll have a few more weeks to wait.

Also, breakfast is only served on the weekends; Fridays from 8am til 12pm & Saturdays from 8am til 2pm.

Location: Level 2, Souk Al Bahar

Phone: 04 432 2300
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Logma – A traditional twist!

Samer and Elias have created something special, popular with the locals and the expats alike. Traditional influence with a modern take, Logma pleases the taste buds of many. Logma meaning ‘bites’ in Arabic serves Emirati cuisine.

People like myself keep returning as a need to satisfy my Logma fries craving. The flavor explosion in your mouth of the mixture of khaleeji herbs & spices and the crispiness of each fry mean they are totally addictive. You won’t be able to stop eating them. Don’t just take my word for it, read Baggage and Dish blog post here.

After entering the restaurant you notice the modern take on traditional decor with hanging lanterns, palm leaves and camel print, which sets the feel of the restaurant and cuisine to come. The team at Logma always make you feel welcomed.
I’ve tried a selection of their mocktails before. Desert Oasis, Passion of Arabia, Berry Blast & Atlantis. Out of them all, I was a fan of the Berry Blast as it is quite sour but also quenches your thirst. On my recent visit I opted for the iced karak which is overly sweet.

This time round I was here in time to try out some breakfast items which included a beef shakshouka, an egg paratha roll and also the emirati speciality, balaleet, which is sweetened vermicelli noodles served with omelette pieces. The shakshouka wasn’t as spicy as I hoped and the egg paratha was very comforting yet filling.

IMG_7405Logma offer a great selection of salads including the popular pomegranate mozzarella salad which is a personal favorite as I love the mixture of textures and flavors.IMG_7412As we were here around the brunch time we also got to try the talked about chicken wings. Now these may be the smallest wings I’ve ever seen but again the way they are coated, deep fried and rolled in that special mix of khaleeji spices they are up there with one of my favorites.

The beef sandwich is also a repeat order for me. Layers and layers of warm sliced beef tucked inside a khameer with a mixture of herbs and tomato slices. Although the slight citrus punch which I had previously tasted was missing, it’s still one very tasty sandwich indeed.

Although we passed on dessert on my most recent visit, the Lugaimat is not to be missed. Served with your choice of nutella or traditional date syrup you can’t stop yourself from eating these donut balls. If you’re after some coffee to help you digest then the Saudi coffee is lighter in color and in taste than the traditional Emirati coffee.494

493I can understand why Logma is one of the most popular restaurants in the Box Park area, it creates an addiction and craving like no other.

Logma is located in Box Park on Al Wasl Rd but you’ll also find a pop up store at Ripe Markets, Zabeel Park in the winter.495Here’s hoping to more branches soon and also a delivery service!

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What to eat when you visit Sydney

The top 10 things to eat when in Sydney, Australia.

  1. Yum Cha aka Dim Sum. Recommended location: Cabramatta, this is where you’ll find the most authentic tasting dishes.

2. If you’re a fan of My Kitchen Rules then you must pay a visit to Kin By Us in Macquarie Park. The duo serve up some Asian inspired fusion dishes which are not to be missed.

3. Bao’s are all the rage. You can find these soft and squishy buns at Belly Bao or alternatively Mr. Bao or Bao Stop.

4. Who doesn’t love a soda float? Especially when said soda float contains alcohol. Find them from none other than The Soda Factory, in Surry Hills.

5. Fancy AF ice creams. I mean look at my ice cream. It’s floating in a cloud. Create your own at Aqua S.

6. If you’re lucky enough to have family or friends in Oz then there’s nothing like a home cooked meal prepared on the BBQ along with some fresh seafood. Check out my Xmas spread below.

7. Everyone’s always looking for the best gelato in Sydney. I can tell you now that N2 extreme rocked my socks off. I prefer it over Messina.

8. A freak shake. Canberra started the craze and the rest of Oz followed. Check out The Missing Piece in Macquarie Centre for your fix.

9. A pork sausage roll with tomato sauce. Nuff said.

10. Last but not least, a chicken schnitzel or schnitty as us Aussie like to call them.
Most pubs and RSL clubs serve up a decent schnitty and I couldn’t leave Sydney again without smashing one down. Don’t forget to ask for chicken salt on your chips and your choice of gravy.

Gourmet by Kcal – A gluten free restaurant

The 18th May 2016, saw  Gourmet by Kcal open it’s doors to the public inside the well known Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Hotel in Dubai Marina. It replaces a Japanese restaurant and has been totally transformed with a new earthy look with a full sized 70 year old olive tree taking centre stage, as well as the use of recycled coffee sacks which is used to upholster the furniture and not to mention the potted herbs lining the entrance.IMG_8674Gourmet was a collaboration between the Le Meridien Mina Seyahi and the Kcal brand which brings together a more upscale dining experience rather than your regular Kcal takeaway which you might find in a shopping centre food court. Head Chef Aung Kyaw Swar has come up with an impressive guilt free menu.IMG_8662Their kitchen and menu is completely gluten free and preservative free. Not many Dubai establishments can say that. They use mostly organic ingredients where possible and all of their fruits, vegetables and honey are sourced locally provided by Ripe Market. They use Raw Coffee which is a fair trade coffee company with beans from Columbia and Ethiopia. IMG_8668There’s a separate bar area for that after work tipple or a fresh juice or smoothie and for those wondering, yes they are fully licensed with some organic wine options also on the beverage list.IMG_8664Our BME evening started with some smoothie shots, beach bliss (pineapple, mango,coconut water and grated ginger) and a super greens smoothie (green apple, fresh spinach, lemon, mint, cucumber, celery, kiwi and organic honey). Both tasty in their own right with the former surprisingly containing less calories, fat, and carbs per serving.IMG_8677This was followed by some healthier style spring rolls, the Vietnamese kind, not the deep fried, soggy with oil you might find at a Chinese take-away shop. This means you can enjoy them without any guilt. They serve prawn, chicken, beef and vegetarian options.IMG_8683The carrot cups below were also a hit with the bloggers. Each carrot cup was crunchy with a warm filling of spinach and roasted balsamic onions sprinkled with parmesan cheese.

You can see first hand a range of the fresh ingredients they use to make the dishes. IMG_8659The menu is brilliant for those counting calories as it has the breakdown on each meal as well as the macros. It even includes some very healthy and vegetarian style pizzas made with a dough free base made from carrots. Perfect for those gluten free people who struggle to find places to eat pizza.IMG_8692This version below of a chicken biryani contains less calories than one you might find from an Indian restaurant but still has as much flavor. It’s served here with black and brown rice and has yoghurt marinated smoked chicken.IMG_8697My favorite main from the evening had to be the chilli con carne without a doubt. It’s completely vegetarian with slow cooked Mexican beans and quinoa so it’s packed full of protein and it’s served with crispy polenta chips. Only 235.4 Kcal. Winning!IMG_8699

Havanna Chicken

We tried a few of their desserts with my two favorites being the ones pictured below. A coconut caramel cheesecake as well as a caramel almond tart made from 85% dark chocolate. Guilt free dessert has never tasted better!IMG_8708I’ve been told their apple crumble cup is just as good, if not better! I’ll be trying that next time.

They are soon to start a breakfast service too from the 10th June so for those who aren’t fasting it might be worth the visit if you fancy a healthy start.

Many thanks to Monica from Do in Dubai for hosting this BME event and also to my lovely dining companions Dubai Food Diaries Baggage and Dish  The Tezzy Files Megs Blogged Dine Out Dubai

NB: This blog post was sponsored by Doindubai.

Location: Ground Floor, Le Meridien Mina Seyahi, Dubai Marina

Phone: 045117139

Website: Gourmet by Kcal

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Tempting Cuisine @ Culinary Boutique

After winning an Instagram competition on Tableforfivedubai’s account,  I invited a fellow food lover to experience Culinary Boutique with me. It was our first time to this Jumeirah establishment which doubles as a cooking school as well as a restaurant.


I always fail to check if restaurants have valet parking so as I slowly approached closer to the restaurant (according to google maps), I noticed a paid car park to my right, so I parked there and walked a few hundred metres to where the restaurant is. Had I stayed in my car another few seconds I would of found the restaurant therefore used the valet parking.


My foodie date for the evening was not far from approaching so I entered the premises to find a table and introduce myself to the staff.


CB is a stand alone premises over 2 floors which includes an interestingly designed architectural design on the ground floor. Almost like an upside down wave. Downstairs is also where the bakery counter is showcasing freshly baked goods and their famous lavender items. Upstairs is not only the kitchens, bakery and classrooms, but an outdoor terrace seating area and if you look hard enough you’ll notice the Burj Khalifa dazzling in the background.


I met the head chef as well as restaurant manager and they informed us we would be looked after and gave us some suggestions on what to order but also wanted us to try some new dishes on the menu.

I ordered a Ritzy Lychee to quench my thirst. The menu overall is refreshing with a good variety of options for dinner.


The corn was first up. A new addition to their menu which they were currently trialing. Bursting with so many flavors I was sad when it was over.


We also had wagyu sirloin carpaccio which was heavy on the truffle with both truffle mousse and truffle shavings.


The lobster tail  was superb. Topped with sun dried tomato spicy butter which enhanced the taste. Fleshy and flavorsome seafood right there. It comes served with partially battered asparagus stalks and a creamy dipping sauce.


The beef ravioli which we tried had intriguing presentation. I’ve never seen ravioli served like this before. I kept looking in the middle wondering where the filling was until I realized it was in the pasta itself but it was just wrapped and presented in a different way.


The marbled wagyu sirloin which was served in a stone tray truly was the highlight. It was seasoned just right and cooked medium. I can still remember the succulent, juicy, meaty taste to this day.

We also had hokkaido scallops risotto. Personally for me the scallops were a little overcooked but the bed of creamy risotto they lay made me forget about it quite quickly.

We ordered dessert and wanted a tea to help with digestion but instead something else caught our eye. The lavender hot chocolate. Not only did it sound amazing, when it came to our table we were in awe. A chocolate web lay above our cup as our served pours in the almond milk lavender hot chocolate from a gorgeous copper tea pot.

Desserts then arrived, a gorgeous lavender tea cake, which also happens to be their signature cake. CB bakes their cakes fresh in house on a daily basis and they serve you up such a generous portion.

Everyone’s had a chocolate fondant before but not everybody’s had one with green tea matcha oozing out from the center. Enough to make someone green with envy!

I was so impressed overall with Culinary Boutique, from the taste and presentation, to the venue and decor, down to the service. I’d definitely dine again for dinner and I’m excited to see what other new additions they’ve put on the menu. Or perhaps even one day take a cooking class!

Culinary Boutique is located in Villa 56, Jumeirah 1.

For bookings: 04 4535466

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Taking a bite at Mantoushe, JLT

I was invited for a tasting session at Mantoushe in JLT. Mantoushe is like Zaatar with Zeit but a lot tastier. The name Mantoushe was derived from the word Natshe meaning to take a real bite.

Mantoushe takes up a nice corner space behind Armada 3 building with glass windows showing off the views of JLT. During my visit of about an hour, only two people dined in, the phone however was ringing off the hook with delivery orders.

The menu consists of manoushe, wraps, salads, sides, drinks and of course desserts. Whilst deciding what to order I caught glimpse of a high hung chalk board with special menu items. I mentioned it to the lady taking my order who informed me the board is old and that item was no longer available. Damn, as I love S’mores and would of been interesting to try it in a wrap form.

That then made up our minds when it came to ordering. We opted for a base of pre made wraps steaky p but on a multigrain bread wrap and the southbaked crisp wrap with some added avocado slices as well as a side of sweet potato fries and two freshly squeezed juices. I opted for a pomegranate watermelon and orange juice while my friend had strawberry & banana.


The orders arrived incorrect. But they happily re-made them. The brown steak wrap was good but I wasn’t a fan of hummus on a wrap. The wrap served was a little dry too and could of been fresher. The steak on the other hand is slow cooked and you can tell. It was beautifully tender. This is one of their best sellers.


The chicken was my favorite, baked crispy chicken pieces in what looked like corn flake coating with diced tomato, lettuce and cheese although it was light on the sauce, I made sure to ask for extra on the side so it gave it an extra buffalo kick. Again, the bread was a little flaky but this was made up for with the flavors.


The salad was nice but only thinly sliced halloumi arrived. I would of liked halloumi chunks instead. My friend was weary about strawberries in a salad but I enjoy fruits in salad as it adds balance especially against the acidity of the balsamic vinegar.


The sweet potato fries were AMAZING. So crispy, well seasoned, perfectly cooked. Super addictive. I could eat these by the truck load.


Unfortunately there is only one branch so far in Dubai. Luckily for me, it’s not too far away so I can enjoy the freshness that is Mantoushe more often.

Location: Concourse Level, Behind Armada 3, Cluster P, JLT

Phone Number: 04 277 8170

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Sustainability at Skye & Walker

Luke, I am your father… That’s the first thing that came to mind when hearing about Skye & Walker. Although it has nothing to do with Luke Skywalker nor Star Wars. However the overall restaurant idea is pretty out of this world.

Judging by the location in Old Dubai I didn’t expect the restaurant to look this nice. Although how well it would do in this area I’m not sure of. Personally I think it would be better received in somewhere like Dubai Marina.

However their concept is what stands out. Where in Dubai can you find a place with a sustainable concept. From their re-purposed granite crushed to make a stunning new concrete floor to recycled table tops, doors, furniture and light fittings. Sourced globally it could be the reason the opening was delayed longer than expected. Their ingredients are locally sourced and everything has a healthy touch or twist.


For drinks, we tried the bright pink pomegranate lemonade. A pink citrus drink with a zing, followed by a matcha iced latte.  The matcha iced latte only had a subtle green tea flavor which is strange considering it’s a condensed version of green tea.

I love how they serve you a bowl of kale chips to start rather than a heavy bread basket. A healthier alternative that you can season to your liking.


They have some amazing tasty, fresh and healthy salads which are well presented and after tasting them all it’s hard to choose a favorite.

I was not a fan of the pita, i found the use of white bread to be a little heavy and the falafel to filling to have no real taste. The raw veggie bowl sitting in a generous portion of labneh was great. Crunchy bite sized veggies perfect for dipping.


When the mains arrived I must admit they smelt great but my favorite was by far the herb crusted roast chicken with a delicate mushroom gravy.

For desserts we were served raw carrot cake in a mason jar and a decent sized slice of a flour-less chocolate cake which had hints of cardamom which I found to be a bit potent and very arabic tasting, which perhaps might not be for everyone.

We also got to sample 7 different types of gelato from ci gusta some flavors of which are made especially for S&W. I’d recommend the vanilla which has hints of balsamic.

The service was particularly good on the evening of the opening event, as  you would expect. However on my return visit the server wasn’t very up to speed with the menu. Also one thing that baffled me with the menu was that you could make your own juice or smoothie at the juice bar, but when I approached the counter, there was no juice bar to be seen, nor a list of ingredients to choose from. Still relatively new I guess these are just teething issues which will eventually be ironed out. Nevertheless the food I ordered was faultless. I can’t get enough of their oven baked sweet potato fries.



A great concept, a health conscious menu and a aesthetically pleasing venue, if only it wasn’t so far from home.

Location: Ground Floor, Marriott Executive Apartments Dubai Creek, Rigga Al Buteen Street

Open 7 days a week from 6:30am until midnight

Telephone: 971 4 213 1221


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Like a kid in a candy shop @ Serendipity 3

The only thing missing from this Zomato meet up were the Oompa-Loompas and Willy Wonka himself. Serendipity 3 is like Will Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, except I didn’t need a golden ticket to attend. Zomato invited myself and around 29 other foodies for the biggest Zomato meet up to date.


After saying hello’s we were seated and given the chance to place our orders for the signature frrrozen hot chocolate drinks in flavors, double chocolate, peanut butter or Oreo. The latter is what I opted for. To me a frrrozen hot chocolate doesn’t make sense. It’s an oxy moron. Then I later realized, it doesn’t have to because it’s scrumdiddlyumptious!

For those who don’t know the first Serendipity 3 store opened in New York and there are also branches in Vegas (Ceasars) and Florida. The NY location is popular among the stars and there’s a large mirror at the entrance of the restaurant here in Dubai showing the regular ‘famous’ diners.  Even Marilyn Monroe was a regular patron back in the day! The wait staff here are super knowledgeable and friendly and I loved the retro music being played in the background.


The starters arrived and the foodies got busy snapping away and trying what was on offer.


A fav of mine was the nacho trio and crispy breaded onion rings. The sliders and potato skins also get a honorable mention.

The mains arrived consisting of 2 types of hot dogs, a BBQ chicken pizza, the cedar plank salmon, and truffle mac & cheese, none of which I was too fond of.


The sauerkraut hot dog was a bit bland but I didn’t have a chance the room to try the other flavor as I was saving myself for the desserts. And if you thought sweet potato fries weren’t already sweet enough, at Serendipity 3 they add icing sugar to theirs! I think next time I dine I’d opt for the dinosaur ribs which I saw another diner with. They looked and smelt amazing.

Foodies had an opportunity to create your own candy floss too with a candy floss machine. Serendipity 3 also sell items like mugs, dessert glasses and t-shirts.


One by one the desserts start arriving. Carrot cake, Red Velvet and the Outrageous Banana split. Each as jaw dropping as the next. Until the treasure chest arrived. It received a round of applause.


The foodies went bonkers over the treasure chest dessert. It was like an endangered species at the zoo. I barely caught a glimpse of it for at least the first 5 minutes as swarms of paparazzi surrounded it. After the flashes died down I managed to grab a deep fried Oreo. YUM!

For only being open in Dubai for a few weeks this place was rammed with customers. The premises itself has a large number of seating so can easily accommodate for small and large groups. They are also set to open a terrace with over water views of the Burj Khalifa.

So if you’re a fan of American food then head to Serendipity where the portion sizes are larger than life and the sugar cravings will surely be satisfied.

Opening hours: 9am til midnight

Location: Ground Floor, Dubai Festival City Mall

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What Nossy made

If you’re like me, you’re generally time poor but still want something that’s quick, healthy and delicious to eat. Here are some ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to whip up in no time. They are simple ideas that do not require you to be a master chef in the kitchen but will still leave you with a full and happy tummy.


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Until next time,

Eat well

Nossy x

Breakfast at Dean & Deluca, MOE

To be honest I’d never noticed Dean & Deluca in Mall of the Emirates before. Perhaps it’s the monochrome design which failed to catch my eye or maybe I’m more fixated on the familiar names surrounding it. Although now that I’ve been introduced to the brand, D&D is a bit hard to miss situated on the right hand side of the new VOX Cinemas in Mall of the Emirates expansion level 2.

IMG_1743D&D was new to me having originated from New York City. I was thankful for the invite I received so I could get to know more about D&D. The U.S stores apparently stock more in terms of gourmet groceries and have a smaller cafe area whilst Dubai branch is quite the opposite.

IMG_1710Open for breakfast from 9am and serving food until midnight they have 3 separate menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The media breakfast I attended  had a live saxophonist which set the mood whilst the wait staff were on point attending to our every need. The kitchen was a little slow to reciprocate due to the constant flow of arriving guests.


The restaurant is designed as an open kitchen with various stations. An espresso bar, a fatayer and pizza station and a sharwarma & grill station. There is also a glass fridge showcasing the cakes and desserts on offer. Under the marble bench tops on the outskirts of the restaurant are wooden shelves containing gourmet retail products which are available for purchase including: tea, chocolate, sauces, snacks etc which make for great hampers/gifts.

The menu is simple and has a great glossy finish over the images which are shown without any crockery which is a great way to see exactly what you’re getting. A clever design.


I started out with a chai latte which I must admit was a little lack lustre. It’s usually a spicy warm drink but this particular one was more just like warm milk. I asked for a fresh orange & carrot drink instead which was a better replacement, a healthy refreshing citrus juice with slices of each as a garnish.

Their convenient location on the second floor means there is natural light which floods in from the glass ceiling above and the wide leather sofa seats make for very comfortable seating whilst dining.

Feeling rather hungry that morning I decided to go for the breakfast pizza. Now please be warned this dish is better for sharing. I got half way through and was unable to continue. It was a nice combination of flavors though with spicy soujouk sausage and baked egg topped with a handful of arugula and a few shavings of fresh parmesan. It could of used some more roasted tomatoes and the sausage was perhaps a little too dry.


I did also try some of this baked halloumi which was seasoned with herbs and salt and garnished with olives, which is perhaps why I got full so quick. I would order this again to share with friends as it’d be too much cheese and salt for one person.


But as we all know there is always room for dessert. So a few of us shared the signature pancakes topped with mascarpone cream, red berry puree and finished with fresh berries. The pancakes weren’t overly thick which made them easy to digest but they did need some extra maple syrup on the side and a scoop of vanilla ice cream wouldn’t go astray.

Just when we thought we were finished we were asked if we’d like some dessert; ’cause pancakes aren’t dessert? Or are they? So without hesitation we opted to SHARE a carrot cake between the table.

IMG_1741The cake came straight from the fridge was was a little too cold for me. However the best part was the peanut butter brittle which was stuck to the edge of the cake.

In conclusion, D&D do have an extensive menu which caters to a broad range of tastes and afford-ably priced too. This is the only D&D outlet open in Dubai at the moment with future plans to extend down the track.

Location: Level 2 expansion in Mall of the Emirates

Phone: 04 4190830


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