Mori-sh sushi?

It was a warm mid week evening when we set off Downtown to Mori Sushi, located on a quiet stretch of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Blvd. For those who come by car parking is free in the car park behind the restaurant, with a validated token.

Mori sushi originated in Brazil, then opened a store in Egypt before finally landing in Dubai. It’s a fusion menu with inspiration coming from South America.

The staff greet us with a warm welcome and ask if we’d like to sit inside or out. We try outside firstly, but after noticing a mosquito bite or two, we swiftly change to an inside one. The decor screams modern industrial with steel beams, wooden finishings and an impressive light feature which hangs over a round sharing table.


As we glazed over the extensive menu, we had Wizard on hand, our waiter for the evening as the menu itself is slightly overwhelming. Wizard was very knowledgable when it came to the menu and assisted us in placing our order. Wizard was also very entertaining and had a wicked sense of humor.

Our drinks arrive first, which come served in a carafe which is good for sharing between 2. The mojito passion was slighty sweet with a hint of sourness.

First out for the food was the jalapeño tempura prawn. It had a thick batter and strangely enough a non spicy sauce which was still very dry and left us a little underwhelmed.


Not to worry as next to arrive was the avocado bowl. Half an avocado which is served warm and scored, topped with white fish, cashews and a ponzu sauce. It was creamy, with a hint of crunch from the nuts. Delicious!


This was followed by a serving of chicken gyoza which we asked to be fried. A great juicy filling however the outside was a little too oily. Next time I’d choose steamed for sure. The dipping sauce was spot on. Although I couldn’t make out exactly what was in it.


To try something other than the norm we went for a Halloween roll, however there was so many ingredients that once inside my mouth the flavors were mushed and nothing was distinct or stood out for me. All I know was that it was super crunchy.


Gunkan is fusion created with rice, 3 types of herbs and pine nuts. From this section of the menu I opted for the Gunkan Fresh Crab. I found it a little on the dry side even with the fresh mango slices. As they are speciality sushi they are served in one piece only. Same with the Joey maki in which I chose the Salmon roll, this was a nice combination but a little too big to eat in one go but then too messy to take bites of.


From the mains we had to try the black miso cod. It was flakey and flavorsome. A delight on the palette. Still not as good as OKKU but now i’m comparing fine dining to casual dining so for a casual dining restaurant Mori’s black cod is not bad at all.


To wrap things up we finished with a sweet ending of banana croquettes. Deep fried chunky slices of banana served with a decent helping of vanilla ice cream drizzled in chocolate sauce. Enough for one but also fine to share if you’re just wanting a few spoonfuls.


If you’re looking for a quite spot for sushi with friends then Mori is for you. The hardest part will be choosing what to order.

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