A nostalgic trip with Chef Pradeep @ Jodhpur

A taxi trip drops us at Al Murooj Rotana, perhaps in the wrong spot, as we find ourselves walking through a car park, down some stairs, then through an outdoor garden setting before finally reaching Jodhpur. Flustered, we enter the premises and have time to cool down and start to relax as we walk down the spiral staircase to our table.
The interiors are lavish although possibly a little out dated, however the service we received from start to finish made us feel like royalty.
We were lucky enough to try 14 dishes from the menu and you can tell every dish was made with passion. The chaat macaron was such an incredible amuse-bouche touching on each of the five taste sensations and every dish following came with a story.
This fruit cocktail we were served had hints of aniseed which I’m not a huge fan of but it sure does look pretty.
I couldn’t choose my favorite from the 3 starters as they are all different and unique in their own way. Though being a carnivore and a sucker for tamarind sauce the short beef rib does lead the way.
The unique laban & ricotta kabab
There’s a decent break between each dish until you reach the mains which is when the portion sizes defeat us. Between two, we are already struggling. We jumped up to watch how the chef’s prepare the chicken & chestnut kulcha (pictured above).
This is when our dining experience was briefly interrupted by famous Dubai Vlogger Mo who looks like he might of been lost and rolled through the restaurant with his entourage.
This mango, cranberry and kaffir lime sorbet palette cleanser was the perfect size and served in miniature pressure cookers, cute!
The mains arrive and we are flabbergasted by how much food there is. The faux dal makhni substituted with moong dal was too hard to resist dipping the chur-chur kulcha in. Loved the mini garlic paos that come skewered on top of the batata vada too.
Not one but 3 desserts came out sometime after we’d managed to make a dent into our main courses. The kesar malai kulfi, comes served as one giant popsicle and garnished with crushed nuts and freeze dried raspberries.
The rasmalai was one of the best I’ve tasted in Dubai and for sure is my favorite Indian dessert. Irresistibly smooth, but also crunchy.
The jalebi’s come hung on a tree and are too many for us to finish despite their light airy texture so the rest are packed away for us to take home.img_0246
Chef Pradeep Khullar has created something unique, with the modern take on his childhood classics, that you too are taken on his nostalgic culinary journey.
Whatever you decide choose at Jodhpur, you won’t be disappointed.

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