On the hunt for the best buffalo wings @ OW&R

It was a Thursday night and after some awful parallel parking by myself, we walk inside and take the lift to the concourse level to Original Wings & Rings.

We are greeted by Hazel, a polite Filipino lady who ends up being our waitress for the evening. We are given menus upon being seated. Through the glass windows you can see some of the DIFC skyscrapers in the distance.

They have a smoking and non-smoking area but it’s not divided by any glass or walls so it makes no difference where you sit really. I found the high chairs and tables we sat at to be rather uncomfortable and rather high especially for those vertically challenged people like myself, getting on and off the chairs were difficult.
There was a nice buzzing ambiance as it was a Thursday evening with loads of sports game being shown on the multiple screens around the venue.
 We ate entrees and while we were still digging in our mains arrived. I think the waitress should of been more observant that we hadn’t finished our entrees as they sent them back to the kitchen to sit under the warmer while we finished our entrees. Not ideal. Once dessert arrived there was no change of cutlery between.
For the non drinkers or designated drivers in my case there was a decent sized menu consisting of juices, soft drinks, iced tea, fresh fruit freezers and mocktails.
Note to those soda drinkers they offer unlimited refills. The spinach dip was very good, however letting them down was the deep fried chips it was served with. Some fresh salted nacho chips would work better IMO.
 The chicken buffalo salad was served on a gigantic plate and I would of happily had that as my main meal,  if I knew how big it was. There was generous portions of chicken it a hot buffalo sauce however the garden salad it lay upon was a little boring.
For mains I ordered the Buffalo chicken wings (duh). Being the second time at OWR I had expected an improved wing experience as a friend of mine explained how they were her favorite and how they bring out multiple dipping sauces for you to try. Well the Buffalo wings just come with a runny ranch sauce and shoestring french fries, however the buffalo sauce was so thin and watery that the wings barely held any flavor. Also by this stage the wings were cold now too so not as hot as juicy as one would expect.
 My friend had a fajita which came on a unusually thick pita bread wrap, again served with shoestring fries. She didn’t seem too impressed.
Not really feeling dessert but Hazel insisting, we ordered the chocolate brownie and lemon cheesecake. Some additional sugar syrup is added to the plate to dazzle it up however after tasting the cheesecake I realized they have a long way to go before it’s at Cheesecake Factory level desserts.
To me OW&R is better suited to those sports fanatics, who enjoy a drink or two with friends that are not too critical when it comes to their food.

Original Wings & Rings Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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