Taking a bite at Mantoushe, JLT

I was invited for a tasting session at Mantoushe in JLT. Mantoushe is like Zaatar with Zeit but a lot tastier. The name Mantoushe was derived from the word Natshe meaning to take a real bite.

Mantoushe takes up a nice corner space behind Armada 3 building with glass windows showing off the views of JLT. During my visit of about an hour, only two people dined in, the phone however was ringing off the hook with delivery orders.

The menu consists of manoushe, wraps, salads, sides, drinks and of course desserts. Whilst deciding what to order I caught glimpse of a high hung chalk board with special menu items. I mentioned it to the lady taking my order who informed me the board is old and that item was no longer available. Damn, as I love S’mores and would of been interesting to try it in a wrap form.

That then made up our minds when it came to ordering. We opted for a base of pre made wraps steaky p but on a multigrain bread wrap and the southbaked crisp wrap with some added avocado slices as well as a side of sweet potato fries and two freshly squeezed juices. I opted for a pomegranate watermelon and orange juice while my friend had strawberry & banana.


The orders arrived incorrect. But they happily re-made them. The brown steak wrap was good but I wasn’t a fan of hummus on a wrap. The wrap served was a little dry too and could of been fresher. The steak on the other hand is slow cooked and you can tell. It was beautifully tender. This is one of their best sellers.


The chicken was my favorite, baked crispy chicken pieces in what looked like corn flake coating with diced tomato, lettuce and cheese although it was light on the sauce, I made sure to ask for extra on the side so it gave it an extra buffalo kick. Again, the bread was a little flaky but this was made up for with the flavors.


The salad was nice but only thinly sliced halloumi arrived. I would of liked halloumi chunks instead. My friend was weary about strawberries in a salad but I enjoy fruits in salad as it adds balance especially against the acidity of the balsamic vinegar.


The sweet potato fries were AMAZING. So crispy, well seasoned, perfectly cooked. Super addictive. I could eat these by the truck load.


Unfortunately there is only one branch so far in Dubai. Luckily for me, it’s not too far away so I can enjoy the freshness that is Mantoushe more often.

Location: Concourse Level, Behind Armada 3, Cluster P, JLT

Phone Number: 04 277 8170

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