Taste of Italy by Heinz Beck

Heinz Beck is a michelin star chef who earned his star rating at the infamous formal fine dining restaurant La Pergola in the beautiful city of Roma. However Heinz himself is not Italian, but German decent.
With Social by Heinz Beck already established in the Waldorf Astoria on the Palm Jumeirah, the latest venture, Taste of Italy by Heinz Beck opened it’s doors in June 2015 in the boutique Galleria Mall on Al Wasl Road.
The space occupied by Taste of Italy is gigantic with a full size Industrial kitchen out back, ample indoor seating with an industrial feel, counters of fresh produce along one side, open style kitchen on the other, an outdoor seating area and not to forget the gelato bar and low lounge seating at the forefront of the premises.

On this particular occasion we gathered outside for the zomato meet up and are joined by Hina, IToL’s social media marketing manager where we are served appetizers and welcome mocktails, mine being a raspberry & lemon flavor, perfect for those who like a more sour taste.

After our appetizers we proceed to behind the scenes where Chef Andrea teaches us about how they make their pasta. Little did I know that if you add more egg yolk into your pasta it has the ability to cook for longer without overcooking. Genius! After all, Chef Andrea has been cooking since he was 16 and learnt from the best, being his Italian Grandmother. Chef Andrea kept excusing his English, which in fact was very good. The industrial pasta machine they use can decide on the thickness of the pasta but a small adjustment and all that’s added inside is flour and eggs.

Chef Marco gave us a demonstration on how to flip that perfect pizza and then foodies have a go at making their own. The wood fire temperature is 300 degrees celsius and can fit up to 5 pizzas at a time.

After getting our hands dirty, we proceed to the indoor dining area where our table was set up for us. We munched on pizza, pasta and poultry. It was my first time ever trying capon. The texture was a little different to chicken, more like turkey but in saying that the flavor was a little too rich for my tastebuds. It was served with candied fruits with had been dried with mustard seed oil. A distinctive taste.

My favorite dish was the Tortelli di Carne, Purea di Zucca, Salsa Parmigiano. Small meaty parcels which are cooked al dente in a meat stock and served upon a pumpkim puree soup with crunchy walnuts and a creamy melted parmigiano cheese topping. Delizioso!

I had a feeling we would be having semifreddo for dessert and low and behold we were each served with our own semi frozen desserts, this one consisting of nuts and nougat which added a surprise to every bite. We were also presented with a plethora of desserts to share.

We were offered coffee and tea as a digestive and also the option to try some gelato from the gelato bar but by this stage we were all overly full so there was no chance we could another scoop of anything. At least it gives us something to look forward to on our next visit.

Furthermore to the menu they also sell various goods from pasta, oils, tea, biscuits, chocolate, freshly baked bread and so much more. They can also put together impressive hampers complete in wicker baskets. The perfect gift for those foodie friends.

Overall Taste of Italy is a gourmet casual dining restaurant with something for everybody’s taste buds. Bon appetit!

Taste of Italy by Heinz Beck Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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