My top ten milkshakes in Dubai

Although Dubai might be a little behind in terms of the milkshake craze which has been made famous by the capital of Australia, (cue below image courtesy of Patissez)…

…you don’t need all the exaggerated toppings to be able to find and enjoy a delicious tasting shake. (Although it does add to the excitement)

I went on the hunt to try some of the popular ones around town. Below are my findings in no particular order…

  • 1. Wingsters – Ordered the Nutella milkshake and boy was I impressed. So smooth, so creamy and a delightful aftertaste of that hazlenut chocolately goodness. 27dhs but worth every dirham.
  • 2. Five Guys – I ordered a mix of Chocolate & Oreo. Just divine. Thick, creamy and a scrumptious chocolate flavor. For 25dhs you can mix in as little or as many add ins as you want.


  • 3. Clinton Street Bakery – I went for the coffee flavored shake. Super thick and creamy with a nice caffeine hit. 34dhs.
  • 4. The Counter Burger – Nutella & Salted Pretzel Shake – The beauty of counter is coming up with your own creations. Made with loads of ice cream and love. 29dhs


  • 5. Tasha’s – I’ve tried the Coffee shake. It was nice and thick with loads of icecream. 37dhs


  • 6. Cold Stone Creamery – Classic shake – Milk and Cookies flavor. This shake was impressive but also very sickening sweet. Would recommend sticking to the like it size. 18dhs
  • 7. Slider Station – I ordered the Nutella thin shake. It’s served in a cute milk bottle with drizzles of Nutella rolled around the bottle. I would of preferred more ice cream to be blended in. The size was quite small for the price. 28dhs


  • 8. Yalla Momos –  I had the Oreo Shake. A steal at only 10dhs and the perfect thick consistency with chunky pieces of Oreo blended throughout.

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  • 9. The Hot Dog Stand – I had the Oreo shake from The Hot Dog Stand was very impressive. Served in a cute glass mason jar the shake was thick, creamy and chocolatey. Everything you want in a milkshake & more.


  • 10. Eat Greek Kouzina – The Nutella Spartan is the king of all milkshakes, served in a carafe with chocolate oozing down the sides of the bottle, it is also topped with a rather large Nutella filled cinnamon donut which is then pierced with your straw. 30dhs

Let me know if there’s any others I’m missing out on in the comments section below!

Nossy x

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